Christmas Bling For The Blog

Christmas Bling For The Blog

I believe it may be called “Snow Envy”? But I have never felt a strong feeling or need for a White Christmas until my twitter network twittered about snow days, snow is falling or my first snowman for the year. You see many West Australians never get to see snow unless we travel a very, very loooooong way to NSW Snowy Mountains, Victorian High Country, Tasmania or another country.snow

I can but dream of a White Christmas but at least I can cheer myself up by adding some Christmas bling to my blog.

So I tried starting with the Snowflake Generator recommended by Jennifer Wagner but I discovered one serious problem! Neither myself or my kids had ever learnt at school how to make paper snowflakes so we had no idea of the design concept (What the?).

Notice that Master 9 is considerably better at snowflakes than me!

Okay snowflakes not working for me…. so must be time for the image generators (with image generators they supply the image and you add your desired text). The trouble is there are so many image generators that you can use to create images it can be a lengthy process to find the right ones to use.

Fortunately Rollyo came to the rescue because it is a search engine that you can use to searches image generators. So all I needed to do was insert my search terms e.g. Christmas, Snowman, Santa.


bookBut before I started creating my Christmas bling I had to make my own book cover for image generators thanks to Sign Generators making the task easier for me to find the right image faster.

Time to get to work. Grabbed myself a Christmas Garden Flowers sign.


and a winter snowman garden sign


and off course I can’t forget my Christmas list….



Still felt that I was missing out so fortunately I found Build your Own Snowman and that is exactly what I did! And at least I did not fail that like I did snowflakes.


Feeling happier now that I have added some Christmas bling. There is lots more to choose from if you want to create some of your own — give Rollyo a try for locating suitable image generators faster. You can read more about image generators in this post.

Seriously worried for my twitter network, in snow areas; they may need to be concerned — if they are not careful they could end up with crazy Aussies visiting them for Christmas. PS perhaps you may want to give me instructions for creating snowflakes as my education is seriously lacking!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Bling For The Blog

  1. Smiles to you!!
    Your post opened my eyes again to how “limited” my view can be of the world sometimes……even though I don’t live where there is much snow, making snowflakes was a winter event and I “assumed — and we all know what that means” that everyone would know how.

    Anytime you want, I can help you out with the cutting skills — but actually I liked that tiny little snowflake — it had character!! 🙂

    Thanks for the link to the Rollyo — it will be my WOW of the week tomorrow night on WOW2.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Well having lived in the US and having experienced a white xmas or four, my recommendation as a current west australian is to think of a lace doley, yes the kind nanna makes and you have a pretty good rendition of a snowflake… enjoy

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  4. Thanks Diane but you are not going to convince me that it can be all grumpy times. I have seen the great photos people are posting online. Also thanks for sharing the link to the guide for creating your own snowflake using paper. I plan to do this with my kids in the holidays – will take a photo and let you know how I go.

    Hi Jen – glad I have opened your eyes to another part of the World. Hope you enjoy using Rollyo.

    Thanks Funny Guy – have had some great fun using FotoTix with my kids photos.

    Hi Nygell – perhaps we should organise some PD at work so we can practice making our own snowflakes.

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