Smelling Roses and Blogging!

Smelling Roses and Blogging!

roseConfession! Been a bit quiet lately because I have taken some time to smell the roses — read books, watch meaningless TV. Really relaxing but has made me struggle with blogging. [Image by Auntie P]

So today I decided that if blogging is not happening it is better to step away and do a podcast – especially since my poor podcast site has been neglected as a result of blogging. So made time to edit audio I recorded at Perth’s PodCamp. Probably some irony in the fact it was Kathryn Greenhill’s presentation on Blog Fodder which is full of excellent advice on blogging in terms of:

  • what to put in posts
  • who are your audience and are you attracting the audience you want to write for
  • what sort of voice do you want to project from your blog (i.e. the image you want people to have of you) and how this may be different your readers perceptions
  • the different ways you can write posts
  • solutions for bloggers block

Definitely worth taking the time, especially if you feel like me, to listen to this Blog Fodder podcast by Kathryn Greenhill.

Kathryn’s presentation still makes me laugh because I made the mistake of asking what voice I project from my blog. Very loud response from all was RANT. After I debated it, Kathryn was nice enough to ask me what I was doing??? Her response was – “Ranting! About whether I rant”. I believe I lost the agreement??? PS they did mean Rant in a nice way 🙂

Unfortunately I had to edit out the really good audience participation because their audio was too low (the audio was recorded using a lapel mic attached to a video ipod) — so you will not hear the rant debate or other great discussions in Blog Fodder podcast but all is not lost — you can check it out in this video recorded by Stuart Greenhill.

Now to get back to the roses! Just started a new book 🙂

5 thoughts on “Smelling Roses and Blogging!

  1. Sometimes I hate edublogs – it just ate my post. Apparently my email address isnt suitable, geesh….

    Glad you are taking some down time – enjoy!

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