Exploring Ports, Libraries and Chocolate! What a Day!

Exploring Ports, Libraries and Chocolate! What a Day!

ferryMMMmm not sure what I can say? DON’T trust Google weather predictions?

Melbourne is known for being a lot colder than Perth and I was told to pack my warm gear even though it is spring. Melbourne weather on Google for the week did look like it was going to be colder and wet later in the week (Annelieske even bought an umbrella yesterday based on my weather updates). Just looking out the window and looks like another fine day! So decided to check the Bureau of Meteorology web site — looks like weather reasonably fine all week in Melbourne and slightly warmer than Perth for the week! And I have no summer clothes with me!

With such fine weather yesterday we went for a quick sightseeing ferry ride to Melbourne Port and back. My work is located in the Fremantle Port area (actually on the South Mole behind our Maritime Museum) and I work with lecturers who train people how to operate the large ships. So I am always really fascinated to look at how different ports operate — michaelthinking now that one of my colleague from our Maritime Operations section will need to bring me back to Melbourne for a proper tour of the Port because it is the 8th busiest port in the World. Looking forward to chatting with my work colleagues so they can explain some more details when I show them my pictures of the Melbourne Port.

Next we were lucky enough to meet up with Michael Abulencia from RMIT. Apologies to all my librarian friends have I been in the dark ages? Michael showed us through RMIT’s library which has now been set up to encourage collaboration and sharing. What a bubbly place it was — I wanted to hang out in there! The library is broken up into zones — quiet zone and a zone where interaction is encouraged (thus noiser area). Everywhere you looked students were working in groups, excited, interacting… so full of life. They are allowed to eat and drink. WOW wanted to take photos but did not want to offend students. Would love to hear from people like Kathryn and Con what the libraries are like at their Universities — are they set up similar? What are your thoughts on this type of set up?

Michael also showed us his work location–yes, have to say he has a nice view of Melbourne but does it beat my view of the ocean? We finished up with a lovely lunch followed by dessert at a chocolate shop (lets hope Noodlez does not hear about this!). Mmmm death by chocolate mousse. Thanks Michael– I was great catching up with after chatting online for more than a year!

chocWe finished the day with a nice dinner with Carole McCulloch sitting outside at a Cafe on Southbank Promenade. Melbourne really beginning to grow on me! Looking forward to Alan Levine’s session today although I hope he is feeling better? — and welcoming reception for mLearn tonight!

Believe that my readers that helped me with tips for traveling forgot a few important ones: 1) Pack comfortable walking shoes — have very sore soles on my feet 2) Pace your eating — food is a major part of networking but go for small portions if you have any hope of surviving conferences

But I didn’t think of them — so if you have any more tips keep them coming!

4 thoughts on “Exploring Ports, Libraries and Chocolate! What a Day!

  1. Sue thanks for your Melbourne updates. I can almost feel your sore feet! Sometimes in the middle of the day, I take off my shoes, turn my socks inside out and wash my feet with cool water. When my feet have dried, I put my shoes and socks back on and I’m ready for another few hours of standing and walking.

  2. It was awesome to catch up w u Sue and Annalieske. mate, Melbourne weather – we get 4 seasons in a day here. i like. 🙂 … and yes, you have a ‘better’ view than mine. 😉

  3. Simon – I am glad the information I have been providing you has been helping and let you know what we were doing. My body is so sore from all the walking and I totally feel like falling asleep.

    Michael – it was fantastic catching up with you. Come and visit Perth some time?

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