Help Required For Disorganised Tourist!

Help Required For Disorganised Tourist!

horseWell the good news is the “Most Disorganised Traveler of the Year” managed to arrived in Melbourne with all essential items thanks to lots of guidance and tips from my readers! Unfortunately I should have also asked for ‘must see tips’ for tourists because we arrived in Melbourne early so we (Annelieske and I) could be tourist and then had no idea what is worth seeing/doing in Melbourne! Bummer!

We did manage to check out a bit of Melbourne starting with a lovely breakfast at a restaurant on Southbank Promenade overlooking Yarra River. A customer and the waitress told us we must check out the Queen Victoria Markets — apparently not to be missed — so we went for a nice walk to the markets. Along the way we just HAD to have a ride on a horse and carriage… while I also made sure that I took lots of tram photos (something that you have to do when your city does not have trams!). You can watch the adventures of my trip in my Flickr account.

Please note always a good question to ask your friend — do you actually like shopping?–oops!!! After a nice long walk to the Queen Victoria Markets we discovered that we both really hate shopping! And to top it off there was no good clothes or hair for my Second Life Avatar! So instead we went searching for a bookstore because when I get an opportunity I really love to read a good book…

grahamThis afternoon I meet up with Graham Clark — who was nice enough to invite us to join him and his friends at the Pixar Exhibit for their 20 years in Animation. WOW the pictures drawn by the artists for creating the films were so amazing. Thanks Graham for letting us join you!

There will be a few opportunities to check out some more sites during my stay — so please tell me–what sites should I be checking out in Melbourne?

Before I finish this post I just have to say right now I am thinking I am in total heaven! Annelieske has gone out for dinner with a friend and I have the place to myself…. No noise — no kids fighting–no what’s for dinner–just me lying in bed with Mac! Chomping on a bit of chocolate….and we each have separate rooms. Best part is mine has an ensuite bathroom —bliss!

Sorry everyone who wants to catch up this week I may have to choose Mac over you! Except there may be a small issue of Internet access. Now this apartment may not have a plug in connection for a laptop above toilet (YUCK) but it does have wireless that I can pay for. Normally I have to pay a daily rate at a hotel. Here I am paying for Azure Wireless which unlike the access I have had in other hotels has a download limit. So I have paid for 5 days or about 580 MB download. I am thinking we should have a bet as to how many days I will have Internet access for based on a download limit? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

I should probably also mention that Telstra was nice enough to send me an SMS to tell me I am at 109 % usage of my data plan on my PDA—that has been only from 2 days of use!

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4 thoughts on “Help Required For Disorganised Tourist!

  1. Well, you may be in more luxurious accomodation compared to the Melbourne Budget Hotel I stayed at last time (great view of a brick wall out the window, no ensuite and two flights of stairs) but they did have free wireless internet, and that was pretty darn good for $70 a night!

  2. Sue
    There is absolutely NO WAY I am doing a tour of the MCG. Dave (my husband) made me do this tour on OUR HONEYMOON! That makes a miliion and one reasons why I won’t be going there especially since I have reached that time in life where I am more than happy to say I CAN’T STAND FOOTBALL and get over it! Yes, I do know there is a lot more there than football — now if it was a GEEK museum now we are talking!

    Well now I am pondering….I have not had to pay for the accomodation only the Internet access and unfortunately all places I have stayed this year I had been required to pay for access. Still thinking ensuite rocks! And lift! Internet access working out cheaper than all other places normally I pay $30 per night here I paid $60 for 5 nights (or until I use up my limit). Considering I am a really heavy user of the Internet — my access is coping well!!!!

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