Children Should Not Stay Up Late Without Adult Supervision!

Children Should Not Stay Up Late Without Adult Supervision!

I know that some of my readers are interested to see how I get on with Second Life so I thought I better give an update!

Well like every new technology I jump into I am still in the process of trying “to get” it! Apologies to everyone that I have sat on, driven over and laid on…I am only 9 days old! And please note my husband is already saying I am addicted — oh please I can walk away from the computer anytime!

I started the day with sitting on the beach (somewhere) chatting with Jane Nicholls. Went off to Jokaydia land for a nice chat with Alex and Jo Kay plus bumped into Sean Fitzgerald. Thanks Jo and Sean for taking such good care of new people like myself. Would also love to say that Jokaydia is looking really good, loving seeing what your virtual tenants are doing and Joykadia is such a comfortable place for a new person like myself to get used to being in Second Life.

Actually the day was going really cool — until Judy O’Connell bought out the kids in us SL newbies by inviting us to Leda to grab cool free stuff. So me and my bestest SL newbie mates (Noodlez and Simon) grabbed a lots of free stuff and went back to Jokaydia to play.

Seriously at this point I think we needed adult supervision. Poor Judy was trying to do some important building on Jokaydia and I ran over the top of her in my army truck and drag her along for what must have been at least 50 metres. Some how I managed to crash my helicopter and it has not been the same since (even lost it for awhile above Jokaydia today!). Noodlez parked his jet on top on me and I was totally stuck.


Being newbies we decided that trying on free avatars looked like fun…well if Simon and Noodlez could do it so could I! Oops, bugger! When I changed back I totally lost my body and my head! Not quite sure how long Noodlez and I spent putting our Avatars back together….in desperation I gave the Gothic chic look at try (Judy thought it was a better look for me so may even give it a go).



Lets hope Simon and Noodlez are up for some more playing because I think we all need some more practice before this humble one can be trusted in a virtual conference! Hate to think which important person I would drive over during a presentation in my army truck!

16 thoughts on “Children Should Not Stay Up Late Without Adult Supervision!

  1. and u wouldnt play with ME 6 months ago in SL!. Still hate the UI and mouse interface blah – but have to look at it for work 🙁 not happy jan


    Great to see you finding your virtual feet – althought maybe we need to get you an L plate for when you go driving! 😉

  3. Well, I don’t think you have to worry too much about driving over an important person with your truck at a conference… those events have security and you’d be bounced out of the sim before you could do any damage. 🙂

  4. Be very careful some of the free stuff may have scripts in it that can really screw around wih your avatar. The sole purpose of this type pandoras box is to get you to suicide the avatar.

    Mind you the good at Leda (which I had forgotten about) have been vetted and should be okay.

    Yes you need “L” plates.

  5. Hi Sue
    I’m still trying to ‘get’ SL meself. Hated falling in the water all the time and crashing into weird avatars that kept speaking Russian or something. Plus, I want to know how we can seriously use this stuff for learning … seriously. There’s a missing link for me … probably me! Keep us posted on your adventures!

  6. Hey, but it was a great night, and so much fun learning how to play ‘in world’. Of course, don’t let all this fun fool you – it is all about being in kindy again, getting ready for ‘big school’ in second life – I reckon it will be pretty serious stuff. Well we already know how fabulous it is when you attend a professional learning day in Jokaydia. Let’s face it – we’d be lost without Sean and Jo. It’s great!

  7. Well Sue as I said 6 months ago I really needed to wait for some free time so that I could give it a proper go. It is also so much more appealing now that it has audio – the thought of texting did nothing for me.

    Jo – can I really get some L plates? Sounds like such a great idea! Thanks for my new look, plan to blog about it but have been so busy with SL there has been no time.

    Definitely Noodlez I have been having so much fun with you every night and wondering what my husband will say about the cuddle last night. Seriously concerned about going to Melbourne for a week. Will you and Gary be able to cope without me?

    Sarah and Kate – I have wanted to follow up with an article on the educational use but what can I say? My playmates keep calling me….watch this space.

    Gary I am so looking forward to your post of SL and where can I get the L plates from?

    You sure Sean they would bounce me out? Thanks for giving me the balloon I got Alex with it — could not stop laughing– so funny!

    I think Judy you may seem innocent but you have been the biggest corrupter of us – newbies. Just wait to my hubby finds out about my cuddle with Noodlez thanks to you last night!

    What can I say Simon? A girl has to protect her modesty! Besides the young may read my blog!


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