Busy! Been Neglecting YOU! SORRY

Busy! Been Neglecting YOU! SORRY

back-soon.jpgWell I know some of my readers are feeling pleased that I am busy at the moment — so they can catch up with reading my blog but my apologies to those waiting for me to finish my post series on the use of Web 2.0 with students! I will continue soon!

But I’ve been really busy…..and this week have some online presentation that I have to take care of!

Video in Elearningetoolsbadge.jpg

Today I will be doing my Video in E-learning online session for Etools n Tips for the Australian Flexible Framework. Please feel free to join the session in Elluminate – anyone can attend and it is from Wednesday 26 September at 3.30pm to 4.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Don’t stress if you will be asleep when the session is on – I am sure plenty in the session will be joining you! You can always join us our discussions at Etools and Tips for Educators community.

Presentation with NO TITLE on Social Networking for NSW Learnscope
On Friday morning I will be doing an online presentation for NSW Learnscope on social networking.

Lets be honest– these guys are totally screwed! CLARIFICATION! Apologies when I said they are totally screwed, they AREN’T, and never am I. My organisation and friends who know me stress at my high standards of work dedication never worry about me delivering the goods – they work about me overworking and doing too much!

And when I said this what I am really saying is people are relying on me to do a good job – they are giving up their time to listen to me – and I take this serious… as it is on social networking — can you please help me with the following:

I have been so busy with all the work preparing for video in elearning that I haven’t been able to think of a good title for their presentation! To make matters worse I’m not convinced that my twitter social network has been able to help me with a catchy title.

Here are their suggestions so far:

  1. Putting the ‘We’ into Web!
  2. Nodes, Knowing and Networking: Building Communities and Connections with Social Software
  3. “Social networking – the world in your home!”

Now most of the participants in the session are vocational education and training lecturers e.g. trades lectures like automotive, hairdressing, youth at risk. Majority will have just be starting out in their online journey with limited use, if any, social networking themselves. Hello– they may not even know what the term social networking means!

So what are your thoughts on the title?

And if you were going to talk about social networking and why educators should use it for their personal learning and with their students what would you talk about? — being mindful you don’t want to overwhelm them!

6 thoughts on “Busy! Been Neglecting YOU! SORRY

  1. Busy week Sue.

    Hmmm you’ll want to keep it simple, brief and limited in scope… short punchy attractive presentation in their language.
    Could you set up a twitter conversation with a few twits [have to be part-scripted, I suppose] around a simple knowledge seeking exercise…
    Just a thought.

  2. With all due respect Sue you need to take care with your treatment of others who are both working hard with next to no time to pull together what will be a fantastic day, and of teachers who are motivated enough to take time away from their programs to listen to you. The title of your contribution is unimportant, the outcomes will be viewed with interest.

  3. Robyn — my apologies when I made this statement I was having a go at myself and nobody else. I never do anything without giving 100 % + and I don’t want to let you down.

    I have been working late into the night every night to fulfil all my commitments to others because as a lecturer myself understand the fact that people are giving up their time to listen to me.

    However I can understand why people who misinterpret what I have written so I have made changes to my post because obviously I don’t want people to think I don’t take all my commitments seriously.


  4. Hi Sue
    what a busy woman you are right now. Hope you are taking some time to smell the coffee/roses whatever. Re social networking etc. and intro to newbies, I would suggest the strongest element of this is the companionship/support element, especially for people new to something. We’re social animals by nature, so I’d emphasise this. Friends a click away or something … Hope all goes well.

  5. Hi Kate

    Yes we all survived it and this week I will try to smell the roses. I did ask them to video parts of the session so I am hoping that they have so I can check it out.


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