Blogging Without A License

Blogging Without A License

crash2.jpgWell it looks like it has finally happened my blogging license has been revoked!

Thanks to the 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Project I managed to increase the number of people reading my blog and markedly improved my blogging ability. End result = my goal of helping others was happening with an increased number of people.

But unfortunately this has come to an end! Somehow I have managed, all on my own, to crash the car and damage more than just the paint work (image by unknowit). My blog statistics have been diving all week.

To make matters worse I am seen as a leader in our blogging community and they have even come up with the Sue Waters Challenge! This is what they say “Sue Waters, who blogs at Mobile Technology in TAFE has so far found our weekly challenges . . . well, unchallenging. So here’s your mission as Building a Better Blog community members–come up with a challenge that will blow Sue’s socks off.”

These May Have Contributed To the Crash

  • Changed my blog template – my twitter friends said definitely much better. Maybe it became soooo good that it was no longer inviting! What was the rule? If it ain’t broke don’t fiddle with it!
  • Posts are crap? Yep this may be the problem! With what I like to blog about all over the place this could be frustrating for my readers.
  • Written less posts this week – Doctor told me to work less as he thought I was stressed! Actually this is my personal favourite as I can blame it all on my Doctor, and get a medical certificate to explain why I have my blogging license revoked!

So the question really is what shall I do? I need to get my blogging license back! With the Sue Waters Challenge happening I have to show the community that I am actually up to the Challenge.

What Are Your Thoughts?

My thoughts are to write a series of posts again. That was a winner; it engaged my readers and I wrote on topics that others had not tackled.

Which of these topics interest you?

  • Another series on m-learning
  • Getting others involved in e-learning?
  • Different Web2.0 tool each day with examples of it is actually being used with students
  • Podcasting

7 thoughts on “Blogging Without A License

  1. I would second that you’re a leader in the field but apart from burning the car, don’t burn yourself out.
    M-learing isn’t my sphere of interest (due to nature of students and other facilitatees) so # 3 for me; it is always a good review to find out what is out there even if you have seen it before and there is always something yo uhaven’t seen.

    However, every day is pushing it a bit for your stress levels si maybe every 2-3 something explained with guest speakers (?), but today’s SAturday so relax and think aboutit on Mon!

  2. Hi Sue
    I’ll go with

    “Different Web2.0 tool each day with examples of it is actually being used with students”
    because I’m keen to share with others in that field.

    PS The secret anti-spam word is ‘chill.’ I think your blog is trying to tell you something!

  3. Haha.. my secret spam word was ‘enjoy’. Good one.

    Just wanted to say that I found the sites you linked to in this article very interesting!

    Hope you get your license back soon. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately Gary it was based on both my Sitemeter and Google Analytics so I suppose the answer is you will be able to tell me how valid the figures are. However based on the increased level of comments this week I do think I was down a bit (all the doctors fault!).

    Sorry Michelle the vote for Web 2.0 won however I agree that there are so many people writing about it so decided to start if off by taking a totally different focus from everyone else.

    I think Philip, Kate and Jayne you are trying to all give me a message. Yes I will try harder to chill and enjoy — thanks and Philip agree that I could slow down. So thanks for all your feedback and help.


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