Has The 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Really Ended? I Think NOT!

Has The 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Really Ended? I Think NOT!

BetterBlog Well the Minilegends might think they are the Winners of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog! But they’re not! (Great Sue, you just made a class of 8 and 9 year olds cry because after a day of excitement they think they are not getting the chocolate! Stop crying kids, the chocolates yours!).

The true winners, other than chocolate winners that is, are the team from our 31 Days Blog Project. WE have decided to set up a community at Ning, Betterblog.ning.com, so that we can continue to work and help one another together!

If you’re interested in discussing blogging, and how to improve the quality of your blog, we want to invite you to join Building a Better Blog community. Check out the goals of our community! Who should join? Newbies, educational bloggers, organisational bloggers, students bloggers, any blogger, in fact you don’t even have to blog! 31 Days Over? Nope, its just beginning!

Special thanks to Michelle Martin (Bamboo Blog), for firstly, being the reason why we initially formed a community to undertake the 31 Day Project, and for being the driving force behind our Ning Community.

Before I go I just need to say a BIG WELCOME to two bloggers!

Michael Berta (Mike’s Doc Blog)

Michael Berta, from Mike’s Doc Blog has decided to join the 31 Day Project (and is doing the daily tasks in September). I may have cheekily hinted that he needed to change his template, which he then tested me with by asking at the end of a post what readers think of his new template.

Mike has also joined us at Ning, and managed somehow in true Mike-ness to caused total mayhem in my twitter group! Well done, Mike! Apparently I am NOT ADDICTED TO BLOGGING or the INTERNET! So sorry, all my loyal readers, I now have to shut down all my sites, and stop blogging because I am not competent! Thoughts READERS?

Geno (Facing Facts)

Geno and I have been interacting over at Twitter – actually this is a secret because my network does not realised about me and Geno. Will leave them guessing WHO HE IS in my twitter group!

I have been enjoying my interactions with Geno, I have even been on a ride on his Harley and visited a Biker’s bar, in the US. The bikers did not quite understand my Aussie accent – but that is okay. He makes sure the Twitterers behave during my nights, and I do the same in my days.

He has decided to set up a blog, and his post yesterday reminded me when I feel like giving up, when it feels that I am not making a difference, NOT TO GIVE UP! Take the time to read his first post on Ripples spread out over time & placeā€¦ He is a new blogger, and we all remember what it is like, toes just touching the water, still trying to find our voices – take the time to post a COMMENT ON HIS BLOG.

I hope in time he will post some pictures on his blog showing my adventures around US with him.

3 thoughts on “Has The 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Really Ended? I Think NOT!

  1. Sue,

    Shutting down!?! I am disappointed. You and your band of bloggers have really lit a fire under me and I am enjoying it.

    Now, I have to take a look at the twitter group and see what is going on there…


  2. Hi Mike

    Glad you are just getting started and look forward to reading your posts.

    I was absolutely amazed that the Internet and Blogging Addiction quiz that has been around for several months managed to cause such a stir within our Twitter group. Almost got kicked out.


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