Aussie Slogger Celebrates Blog Day 2007

Aussie Slogger Celebrates Blog Day 2007

After being called a True Slogger and being challenged by John Pearce to write yet another blog post, I thought I just had to be one of the first in Australia, and the World, to write a post for BlogDay2007! BlogDay originated from the fact that majority of blog Readers read a very small number of top blogs so lets make an annual day dedicated to discover new blogs and expose them to the world.

My task is to post about 5 new blogs. NOT hard with all the feeds from Technorati and Google Blog Search, on mlearning, elearning and mobile learning, arriving daily in my Google Reader account. However with all these tag feeds, and all the blogs I subscribe to you really have to grab my attention. 🙂

Here are my 5 choices for new blogs to expose to the World:

Mike’s Doc Blog97426906_32cfd5b068_m

As a lecturer myself, maybe I should not be promoting Mike? However he really grabbed my attention with his post Disappointed. Mike has, a little (to say mildly), shot at poor grammar of one of his new lecturers. His belief was that this bad grammar indicated the person “has no attention to detail, rushes through without checking quality, has a substandard grasp on grammar, and exhibits a lower level of scholarship than is expected at the doctoral level”. [image by inju]

As someone who is a lecturer, and who has difficulties with language herself, I really did feel that perhaps Mike was judging too harshly. Sure if the lecturer was teaching English perhaps, but otherwise Mike my comment to you is don’t confuse language ability with intelligence.

Putting all that aside, full credit to you Mike. I spent considerable time reading, and being engaged, by numerous posts on your blog, and wish I had your writing ability. PS if you visit please be gentle on my grammar 🙂

elearning Blog

95809766_f5d78787a9_tLets just start by clarifying that WOW if you were ever wondering, or wanted to name a blog, there are a lot of blogs called elearning Blogs. But full credit to Quintas for grabbing my attention with Death by Video. Being a fish farmer anyone who says “Contemporary business people share one characteristic with gold fish, their concentration span is VERY short” has to rank highly with me although let’s not go there talking about goldfish. Put it this way, I have my own version of 101 ways to skin a cat for goldfish. [Image by sgsteffens]

Clever Learning

my_avatar2 Well I have to mentioned Jason Hando, not strictly for his blogging but because this guy is TRULY EVIL as he put me in the Twitter penalty time out box (check the photo at the bottom of the page)! Now that I have mentioned Jason, please return the favor, drop past his blog, and say WRITE ANOTHER POST!

E-Clippings (Learning As Art)

Now Mark does deserve a mention for grabbing both mine and Leonard Low’s attention with his post on Facebook on iPhones.

Now I know a lot of people are considering the uses of Facebook in elearning but my thoughts are:

  • Please, come on lets just let them have this network for them to use, socialize and interact within how they choose. Surely it is okay to say this is yours, use it to connect with your fellow classmates how you choose to do so, and if you want to you can connect with me.
  • Here is a social network that they can choose to use to link up with us and share more about themselves, outside the learning environment. For example, one of my students posted a picture on my wall saying here Sue look this is what I like to do in my life outside of TAFE. This part of his life I wouldn’t have found out about if it had not been for Facebook.
  • Now if we talk mobile devices, yes I have a PDA with phone. Yes, I access mobile Facebook on it but no at the moment I would not expect students to. WHY, because most of them do not have devices that can access the mobile web and the cost. Trust me – I do not use my phone a lot but it is expensive accessing the Internet on it. Besides it is more enjoyable using my PDA to access mobile twitter than Facebook.


Before I started writing this post this morning I decided to check out Technorati and find out what others are writing about BlogDay. I was totally amazed and blown away to realise that Twitter accounts show up in Technorati. Just goes to prove that I am right – Twitter is shifting blogging to a new phase.

blogday is the Twitter site for following BlogDay2007 post on Twitter, and it is cool watching the posts starting to happen. This has also inspired me to claim my Twitter site with Technorati – just wanted to see what it was like for the fun of it.

TASK = Complete 🙂

7 thoughts on “Aussie Slogger Celebrates Blog Day 2007

  1. Sue,

    Thanks for visiting the Doc Blog. I got a little chuckle since your use of English is far and above that of my, now, former instructor.

    Your point of confusing language with intelligence is well taken and I will give that credence. In this case the lecture was written, as UOP is a text-based modality.

    I am glad you chose the Doc log to expose to the world and that you were engaged enough to cruise the posts. Welcome to my journey, and I look forward to more comments. Now I am off to visit your blog more.

  2. Hi Sue,

    As all of us who spend the majority of time writing know, writing well and clearly is VERY challenging. One of the most interesting things that I have ‘discovered’ about blogging is that people are less likely to comment on a blog post if it is well written i.e. polished. People are likely to be intimidated and see the writer as an expert. This is an interesting challenge for all us bloggers who want to engage the reader.

    Check out my post on the topic or writing well and blog commenters:

  3. Mike – I popped past your blog – put some more pressure on you to blog so look forward to your great posts in the future.

    Kathryn – bugger! Can’t believe you beat me – was busy with chocolate challenge or this overachiever would have been there done that! Thanks for adding me to your list – have posted a comment on your blog.

    Yep Ontario I have just spent the best part of the day circling the global checking out all the great blogs recommended during BlogDay. What a great way of finding new blogs.

    Quintus – I agree writing well is hard! I am not sure I agree with your thoughts that people are less likely to comment on a blog post if it is well written. Personally I am more likely too – as the poorly written ones I tend to skip. Engaging readers takes time – and some people are better than others at engaging.

    Check out Quintas post on commenting on posts and take the time to write a comment!


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