Tips for Travellers – What NOT to DO!

Tips for Travellers – What NOT to DO!

Been doing a bit of “Ask the Leyland Brothers” this year with some traveling of the country side. My latest trip was to Melbourne for two days for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s Firewall and Network Security workshop. Unfortunately I am a TAD absent minded when traveling and deserve the “Most Disorganised Traveler of the Year Award!” Hopefully being this disorganised will not earn me time out in the Twitter Box.

Here are my tips for fellow travelers:

Tip #1 – Organise and package bags one day in advance

Tip #2 – Organise YOURSELF before SWITCHING ON PC or you will lose track of time and MAY RUN LATE

Tip #3 – DO hair, makeup and finish packing bags BEFORE ringing for taxi

Tip #4 – DON’T forget your toothbrush!

Tip #5 – Remember to pack book to read on flight

Tip #6 – If buy book at airport, read back of cover properly. NOT good idea to buy a book about plane crash when flying!

Tip #7 – When arrive at hotel check bags and MAKE SURE nothing important missing!

Tip #8 – If you forget hair mouse, hair spray and hair brush – DON’T wash hair and then wonder HOW you are going to DO HAIR – TOO LATE (thankfully this time was able to run across to chemist at airport and buy all these items AFTER washing hair)

Tip#9 – Sit underneath Qantas lounge and you maybe lucky enough to tap into their free wireless

Tip #10 – Better still have FRIEND who is a member of the Qantas lounge, and get invited in for free food, drinks and wireless

Tip #11 – Switch off laptop, and go to facilities, way ahead of boarding time, so in your mad rush you don’t accidentally turn tap wrong way when washing hands and SOAK clothes

Tip #12 – DON’T tell students of your misadventures, as they elaborate on the story to other lecturers

Now just in case you are thinking all this travel, despite me being disorganised, sounds like fun – the following picture shows all I saw of Melbourne (taken from the window of my hotel room at the airport.


However I did have some “What The?” moments in Melbourne:

  1. Decided to Blue tooth a document to another PDA. When I searched for the other device, I found “This is God” phone
  2. There was a plug for the Internet above the toilet. This definitely confirms my online addiction is not too bad – NO WAY!

11 thoughts on “Tips for Travellers – What NOT to DO!

  1. Gee you could almost have put a time stamp of May on this post a few minor changes no socks, and it would be a description of our stay at Burswood.

  2. LOL Sue. I wish I’d read #8 a couple of months ago. Going to an important meeting looking like crap is something that doesn’t help anyone!

    #9 is a good one to remember. Wish you posted this yesterday as I spent an hour at Sydney Airpoty today!


  3. I love “Tip #12 – DON’T tell students of your misadventures, as they elaborate on the story to other lecturers”

    I just hate to think how you learned that lesson! πŸ™‚


  4. Yep, Frances sounds so failure.

    No comparison Gary at least you got to walk on the beach. So far I have seen hotel/motel rooms and classrooms in Karratha, Geraldton, Melbourne: NO beach!

    The toilet Al was full flush broadband!

    Alex, I would like to say it was the first time I had forgotten my hair products alas it wasn’t! Hairbrush forgotten at Burswood and hairspray Geraldton.

    To be honest, it is all my husbands fault. He nags me when I pack to go away with the family, don’t forget this, don’t forget that! Why doesn’t he nag me when I pack for myself!

    Well Kate I think I will keep my embarrassment to myself πŸ™‚


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  6. Dear Sue

    From a purely practical point of view I would suggest you take a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, some sleeping tablets and some panadeine forte tablets.

    Regards, Graham Clark [Melbourne]

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