Been Wondering What My Blog is All About? Read On

Been Wondering What My Blog is All About? Read On

After an extremely made dash out of the door yesterday to catch at plane to the other side of Australia – as taxi pulled up in driveway was still dressing, finishing off doing hair/make up and packing bag because I had spent too long on Internet – I had the lovely pleasure of catching up for dinner with new and old friends, Coach Carole and Michael Coghlan. But it made me realise that with many new visitors to my blog, as a result of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Chocolate Challenge, I thought it was important for my new readers to know more about me and my blog.

I’d also love to get your feedback in comments below to help me keep improving.

With my blog being only 5 months old, I definitely consider myself a new comer to blogging, and am better known as a podcaster, and for my Mobile Technology in TAFE wiki. My sites are all about e-learning, Web 2.0, mlearning (mobile learning), mobile technology and their educational uses, with particular emphasis on vocational educational and training (TAFE means technical and further educaton). You can read more about who I am and my different websites on my About and My Other Sites pages, or check out my window into my blogging world.

Why I Blog

People often wonder, why I willingly share information and help others, my answer is WHY NOT? What am I losing? NOTHING. What do I gain? KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION, CONNECTIONS WITH OTHERS.

So for those who wonder what Sue Waters stands for – I am about practical application of technologies in education, and most importantly HELPING OTHERS.

On the side issue of helping others, Darren has asked for assistance with postcards from afar for his daughter (her class is trying to get postcards from around the world). I think it such a cool way for the kids to learn about other cultures, so am happy to help, and you can TOO, by sending your own postcards and/or helping me choose which postcard of Western Australia to send. Please leave a comment and tell me which postcard you think I should send (Postcard 1, 2 or 3) – you can check out enlarged versions of these postcards on Flickr.


There are a number of ways of following my blog:

  • RSS Feed – one of the most popular ways that people follow what goes up on the blog my ‘rss feed’. This technology lets you subscribe to my site and be notified of updates on a variety of tools such as Google Reader, Bloglines, NetVibes and many other news aggregators and feed readers. If you want to use these to subscribe you’ll need to add this feed.
  • Daily Email Updates – if you don’t use RSS you can still get updates sent to you once a day by subscribing to my feed via email. You can do this by entering your email address on this page.

Commenting on my posts

Every blogger loves comments because it is comforting to know we are not talking to ourselves, and comments are the beauty of blogs because they allow readers to comment on what the blogger has written.

To comment my posts:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the post you want to comment on and click on the link to “comments.”
  • Scroll to the bottom where it says “Leave a Reply
  • Enter your name and email address. If you have a blog or website, you can share that, too.
  • Enter the Anti-spam text that appears on the screen. This is simply to make sure that a real human is commenting, rather than a robot.
  • Click on the check box below the “Submit Comment” if you want to be notified by email of further comments to this post. A better way to be automatically notified of comments on a bloggers posts is to use co-mment.
  • Write your comment in the box and then click on Submit Comment.
  • Alternatively you can send me an email.

3 thoughts on “Been Wondering What My Blog is All About? Read On

  1. Hi,
    I’m Jess from the miniLegends
    Thanks for setting up the chocolate challenge, we’ve been working really hard. Where did you get the idea of using chocolate to motivate people. Come visit our blog.We have a six word challenge,can you make a story out of six words? have a shot. Have a look at some of our mini’s blogs, can you find mine?

    From Jess from the minilegends

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