How to Read Blog posts on a Phone Using Mobile Friendly Google Reader

How to Read Blog posts on a Phone Using Mobile Friendly Google Reader

Christine Martell (Visuals Speak Blog) comment on my STOP, LOOK, THINK – What Is Material Really Going To Look Like on A Mobile Device was “Now I’m really scared to look at my blog and site, so it’s a good thing I don’t know how to! Hope the next article is how to fix such things?

So here is one solution for how we can cater to our mobile readers cutesy of a comment on Nick Cowie’s post on The mobile web meets Google Analytic. Before I talk about the solution let me just thank Nick for telling me how to work out how many people are reading my blog posts from mobile devices.

And the answer if you are wondering is YES, people are reading on mobile devices. Numbers of mobile readers will increase with decrease data plan costs and increased confidence in using the mobile web.


Thanks to Mr Speaker for the comment on Nick’s Post! Mr Speaker said on Nick’s post “I read your post (and am writing this comment) on my mobile – but I got here through RSS with Google Reader Mobile, which does an excellent job of reformatting pages to mobile friendly ones.”

Mmmm why didn’t I think I that? Well, lets seeing blogging, podcasting, mlearning, mobile learning, mobile technology and Web 2.0 – means a lot of ground to cover!

So check out my video on what a blog post looks like on a mobile phone (actually my PDA) using Internet Explorer.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="400" height="326" wmode="transparent" /]
So if you want to inform your readers on how to read a blog on a mobile device perhaps Christine we could add a section on reading on a mobile device? Now Nick, sorry to bug you, but will this work solution work on all mobile web browser? and let me guess perhaps it would be expensive for an Australian unless used wireless instead of your data plan?

And finally for Michelle and Alex – I do believe that being able to use a mobile friendly version of Google Reader means that Google Reader now is winning against NetVibes? Not that I am keeping score 🙂 For a comparision of mobile Bloglines and Google Reader check out this post.

9 thoughts on “How to Read Blog posts on a Phone Using Mobile Friendly Google Reader

  1. Well I am relieved. I don’t have anyone reading my blog on a mobile yet. Of course, that might not be true on the association blog, but since I just got Google Analytics working on it today, I have a while of peace before I discover I have to worry there. And then I will be directing them over here.

    And yes, goodbye Netvibes, it was beautiful while it lasted…..

  2. Hi Christine

    I am glad that Nick was able to put your mind at ease – and I will think about adding a section to this blog that tells my readers how to view in a mobile device. Will let you know once I have done it.


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