Meet Our Blogging Participants

Meet Our Blogging Participants

The last 11 days of our Chocolate Challenge for the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog have been fantastic, busy and I have not had a proper opportunity to introduce the other blogging participants. While I can not do justice to all the great things I have gained from working with these bloggers I can share some humorous moments! So here I go!

Darren Rowse

darren-1 Darren from Problogger (Australia) is the originator of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, and while he is not a participant he is the most important member of the team because he sets our daily tasks.

Thanks Darren for the 31 Day Project – we are loving it and learning fantastic stuff every day – but would love some advice on the best ways to generate statistics for your site!

Michelle Martin michele_martin_photo

Michelle from The Bamboo Blog (USA) is the reason why I became involved in this blogging project.

And LOL in my post What does your Blog look like to your subscribers? she was the first to tell me when I made the comment that NetVibes is not the Feed Reader for serious blog readers – she uses it. Well – I have learnt that you need to be nice about personalised homepages because they are personal – and we all love our personal homepage.

Here is my SORRY – to Michelle, Alex, Kate and others using NetVibes – check out Alex’s quick screencast of how she uses NetVibes to subscribe to blogs.

However I am sure that those that love Google Reader would expect me to now show why I like Google Reader so check out my quick screecast of how I use Google Reader to subscribe to blogs!

Cammy Bean

cammybean_cropped Cammy from Learning Visions (USA) made me realised when I posted a comment on her blog that I am truly an IDIOT! I have a few old blogs with Blogger and it automatically detects my account since I am logged into my personalised Google homepage. So all this time I have been commenting on posts that are based on Blogger I have looked like an amateur blogger (based on the blogs they link to!). S

She also taught me how to manage comments on posts. Thanks Cammy!

Tim Davies

outside-small Tim from Tim’s Blog asked the important question “31-day-challenge approach could be adopted for organisational learning and change programmes.” This is a question that people in my forum are interested in – “Have you developed any sort of evaluation process to ascertain the effectiveness and or value of this type of learning”. Would love to hear others thoughts!


profile Eklavya the Indian Blogger (India) suggested that we should not be too personal on our blogs. Personally I would love an image of the Indian blogger. BTW apparently my rants (which are personal) are my most popular posts.

Really loved the way he tried to cheekily cross tasks off his list! I laughed so much reading this post.

Kate Foy

Kate04WEB Kate from Spinning a Learning Web (Australia) has been sick, so I hope she is feeling better. I learnt from Kate that her Faculity is hosting a workshop on online learning in virtual worlds (e.g Second Life) and my friend Kathryn will be going to Queensland to present.

Christine Martell

Christine from VisualSpeaks decided to try out a personalised christineGoogle Homepage – looks like she had some trouble. She read the posts and watch the video on NetVibes and is loving NetVibes (I am beginning to feel that there is another challenge here? NetVibes vs iGoogle 🙂 ).

Somehow with the majority of bloggers in the group going with NetVibes I am feeling like I have let down Google – will I lose my Google License? and be banned from Google forever?

Alex Miller

this-is-me.thumbnail Alex from Miller’s Spin (Australia) may well cause me to be banned from Google forever. Her great screencast of how she uses NetVibes to subscribe to blogs has convinced a lot of bloggers not only to try NetVibes but also to give Jing a go. Which I did – and here is my quick screecast of how I use Google Reader to subscribe to blogs!

Frances McLean

podcastaug071 Frances from My Technology Addictions (Australia) is my partner in crime for organising this Chocolate Challenge (and perpetrator of the chocolate challenge) – and also a great friend. She learnt some great stuff about Social Bookmarking that I really need to spend time checking out.

Thanks Frances for all your great help with organising this Chocolate Challenge we would all be lost without you!

Kate Quinn

kate01 Kate from Waxlyrical (Australia) wrote a really great review on updating your About Page. She is also a great friend so am feeling a bit abandoned with her loving NetVibes. And now reading a comment on her NetVibes post it looks like Laura has joined the NetVibes group :(.

Laura Whitehead

laura1 Laura from Laura’s Notebook (UK) pointed out that have too many widgets can cause problems to readers who are on dial-up – I have been on Broadband for so long that did not even think about this. Thanks Laura for sharing that very important tip!

And LOL she also said about the chocolate challenge:

Oh my mind keeps wandering to the chocolate, I wonder if there will be an article to help alleviate chocolate pangs whilst blogging…right, back to it…”

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6 thoughts on “Meet Our Blogging Participants

  1. Yes, I am from the USA on the West Coast in Oregon.

    I have my new Netvibes, but I haven’t quite let go of my Google Reader. It is easier for going through long lists of blogs. So you can count me on both sides 🙂

  2. Sad to say, there is a big down side to virtual worlds – you can present at a symposium using a virtual world, so you don’t get to fly to sunny Qld. I’ll actually be in my ‘jamas and on the telephone :(.

    I’ve made a couple of audio/slide combinations about libraries in SL and what Murdoch Uni Library is doing with it. My avatar will be there while they stream into SL…and I’ll use my voice via the phone line beamed in. And I (or Emerald – I’m not quite sure which one of it is doing it…) will be part of a panel discussion also.

    But..I do get to go to Qld later in the year to give a workshop to academic librarians about SL, and then go to the State Library of Qld Unconf the next day – so I can’t be too sad.

  3. Good morning or good evening to you wherever you are. Yes, back after the flu and with some catchups to do, there’s been some mulling time which is nice.

    Sue you’ve done a terrific job putting this little neighbourhood of chocolate-challenged bloggers together. Thank you!

    Like Christine, I was intrigued by Alex’s great intro to Netvibes, and of course had to dive in myself and have a go. Not sure yet whether Netvibes will lure me away from iGoogle, but I like what I see so far.

  4. Sue — I’m so sorry that it was my blog that made you feel like an idiot! Definitely not my intention 🙂

    I’m still hooked on my iGoogle home page. Don’t see too much of a difference between Netvibes and iGoogle — aside from the sharing feature and the fact that you can change colors on individual items.

  5. Hi Everyone

    Glad you were happy with meeting our participants. Nice to hear NetVibes dark side is not totally winning.

    Cammy – I was so glad that I realised from commenting on your blog that I was linking to the wrong blog. Have now discovered that I have to include my link to my blog when signing my comment, if they do not allow other user.

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