What your blog looks like in different Feed Readers

What your blog looks like in different Feed Readers

blogreaderYesterday I showed you how your post looks to your subscribers when it is viewed through Google Reader and explained why it is important to subscribe to your own feed so you know what your posts look like to your readers. Today I decided to do a road test of the main online feed readers to show you how different readers can impact of how your post looks!

I tested, what I believe, based on checking various sources, are the top online feed readers (the order below does not indicate their popularity): –

Strictly speaking Netvibes and MyYahoo are both personalised homepages, similar to a Google Personalized Homepage however I have tested them as they are included by many sources as top feed readers for 2007.

Here is what I learnt from my Road test:feedburner.jpg

1. Not all the feed readers were actually able to locate the blog feeds

Regardless of if I used the feed from the blog or used the “Add to” from their FeedBurner feed it was not always possible to subscribe to a blog with some feed readers (MyYahoo could not locate any blog feeds, and Newsgator was able to locate Michelle but no one else’s blog feed I tested).

2. Personalised homepages, like NetVibes and MyYahoo, are not for serious blog readers.netview.jpg

Each blog’s feed is added as separate feeds on your personalised page. This method is ok if you subscribe to only a few blogs, but if you are a serious blog reader – you would not use them. Image shows how posts look using NetVibes

3. Google Reader, Bloglines and Netvibes are all very easy to use.

No need for me to consult an instruction guide. These readers will also automatically locate the feed for your site using your URL i.e. no need to locate the feed for the site all you do is add the blog URL and the reader finds it.

4. SlideShare PowerPoints are not displaying in most of the top readers

The only reader that displayed the Slideshare was NetVibes when you click on the link to view the expanded post. For everyone, like myself, that loves Slideshare, this is a real issue. I have sent an email to Slideshare asking for assistance. But in the meantime I suggest you let people know that there is a slideshare in your post and insert the URL to your slideshare.

5. Adding a FeedBurner feed to your blog looks like a good idea

As readers are subscribing to blogs using different readers, it is a good idea to use FeedBurner. However I do need to do more research into why some readers are having trouble subscribing to blogs.

My favourite Feed Reader

Google Reader remains my favourite reader because I use a Google Reader gadget that brings all posts from every blog (in order of date) onto my personalised Google homepage. This makes it quick and easy to read the latest posts. It is also quickly becoming popular with other serious blog readers – who are changing from Bloglines to Google Reader for these same reasons.

31 Day Challenge Update

Readers and bloggers are now both able to win in our Chocolate Challenge – read how you could win chocolate! Welcome all new bloggers that have joined us – I will update my list of participants tonight!

16 thoughts on “What your blog looks like in different Feed Readers

  1. I tried out the slideshare latest feed on my google reader


    and it works great. You click on the post to get an expanded view (which looks similar to youtube 😉 )….

    Their RSS has gone through an upgrade and works on “majority” of the feed readers. The primary issue is that these feed readers dont seem to follow up on the standards themselves and it doesnt make sense to have different feed for different readers……

    There is an igoogle gadget for slideshare rss too…


  2. Good info, Sue–although I read a lot of blogs and use Netvibes to do so. I think it’s a matter of what kind of interface you like and how you use your Reader. I tried the personalized Google Homepage, but it didn’t have the look and feel that I liked. And with Netvibes, I can create and share different tabs, as I did with the tab for the 31 Days Group. Plus there are a lot of modules that have helped me organize my work. For me, I prefer Netvibes. 🙂

  3. Hi Michelle

    I am glad you dropped past and offered your personal experience with NetVibes – and a different view point. I did check out the group feed in NetVibes, as a result and it is a cool feature.

    I also think if you are used to one Personalised page it would be hard to change. They become personal i.e. real sense of ownership.

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  5. You’re amazing, Sue. And thanks for helping Suz on EBW. This post offers great advice for bloggers at all levels.

    If I hadn’t convinced myself that blogging every day was for fanatics, I might even try the 30 day challenge next.

    Take care, my friend.

  6. Thanks Darren. No problem re-Suz hoping she managed to set up the RSS feed from Feedburner. Still have no idea why GR would not detect the feed from her blog.

    Actually I think your 30 days of posting for November may have a direct correlation to my decrease in blogging. 🙂

  7. I think I know what you mean. As I blog more, I comment less. As I comment more, I blog less.

    To be honest, I think it’s more important to comment on other’s posts than it is to write your own. When my 30 days are up, I’ll be subscribing to Shareski’s 2:1 CommPost ratio.

    BTW, you’re always welcome to click the “Mark As Read” button when it comes to my blog. I often write for nobody other than myself – and if it helps others, all the better.

  8. Actually I don’t thinking commenting effecting my blogging — love commenting… but smelling the roses does. 🙂 My comment ratio way higher than Shareski’s ratio.

    Never use the “Mark as Read” button with your posts. My only crime is I should comment more on your posts. Did not want to comment on your media post cause don’t like to admit may have broken some rules. Pondering about writing a post about the Social Software teaching which is why I have not written a comment.

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