Is Twitter shifting blogging to a new phase?

Is Twitter shifting blogging to a new phase?


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While going through my comments history of my blog to select old time readers for Day 6: Email an old Timer reader of the Blogging Challenge I realised that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are shifting the nature of blogging to a whole new phase. Why – because many of the people whose blogs I read or who leave comments on my site are interacting with me in Twitter and/or Facebook; and they are doing the same with their readers.

This means I communicate with many of them, in some form, on a daily basis so to actually email an old time reader and thank them is ……?

I asked the Twitterers their thoughts on if blogging shifting to a new phase

Here are comments by different people:

  • Twitter forms more connecting relationships as most times you get an instant reply and is more conducive to have a conversation rather than comments on a blog
  • The first people I added to my Twitter account were people whose blogs I read; I comment on blogs to blog posts, twitter to twitter posts; more likely to check out blogs more closely than reading in reader after following the blogger on twitter
  • Twitter has made me closer to people I’m friends with online (most met through blogging)
  • To some extent the blogging relationship for me has changed as a result of twitter
  • Sometimes I’ll push a link into twitter if I think it may interest my twitter friends who I don’t think subscribe to my blog. I blog less and I think my twitter friends do also now because of twitter. I try to comment directly on posts, rather than to the author via twitter if I think something is particularly good or worth commenting…but will you twitter to discuss third party’s posts…which may well have previously gone on my blog or theirs.
  • There is more connection with twitter
  • Not overall – not many twitterers compared to blog readers. But some are changing this and my tweet list is mainly my blog list! I think we are creating a change. Same question in 6 months will have a different answer
  • People are becoming aware of my blog through twitter

How it has impact on me

Twitter and Facebook has created more connection with my readers and subscribers to my podcast but in doing so I feel that I have become less inclined to comment on their really good posts. It is like I am taking my friends for granted – and expected them to realise that I think they are fantastic. Sorry every one!!

Here is my explanation of why I am:

What are your thoughts?

BTW in case you are wondering if I have failed the Blogging challenge task – nope – have emailed a few old timer readers 🙂 Remember to read Darren’s post on Day 6: Email an old Timer reader.

Do you believe blogging is entering a new phase? And if so, how will this impact on the different types of bloggers?

17 thoughts on “Is Twitter shifting blogging to a new phase?

  1. Hi, a great and timely article, I was just composing my thoughts on twitter and facebook when your article appeared in my Netvibes! I really hope to enable such great interaction with others here in the UK. Will link to your post when I re-jig my article now to compliment yours!

  2. Hi Sue, I do feel twitter is being used in a particular way by the edublogging community to deepen the sense of community and add an intimacy to the relationships that are developing. Sometimes I feel a bit out of it when there are fast conversations happening and I am not part of them. I wish I was. And other times I feel twitter is so light and free that blogging almost feels a bit pompous by comparison. Anyway, I love it and feel that it is being used in an evolving way. I love that you have written this post, and I plan to reflect on it in my blog as well. I am so glad I have come to know your blog and you through twitter.

  3. Interesting question Sue.

    I confess to only following things like Twitter from a distance, but two podcasts I listen to on a regular basis which are US based (TWIT and Extremetech) have already had participants in the podcast get excited by and over Twitter, and now comment about Twitter in the past tense.

    In my teaching days I use to say it was time to upgrade my PC, when TAFE bought a PC that was at least as good as the one I had at home.

    Will education be able to do a better job keeping up with not just a technology change, but also a social trend, that discards the latest web gizmo or gadget for the next as quickly as a few weeks or months at most?


  4. I’ve been exploring twitter more recently. As Laura, really keen to see it used more in the UK to create connections.

    I’m most interested in how it can work for non-blogging distributed teams.

    I’ve been interested to watch youth organisation Yomo making user of it (see sidebar at and I’m really interested in seeing how it can be set up for a number of other teams I work with spread across the country….

    So I think it’s got something to add to blogging – but I’m most excited by its potential to bring together non-bloggers – particularly using mobile phones that they are already really comfortable with…

  5. I must admit that I love Twitter too.

    I feel like we’re part of something dynamic and ever changing as more people come on board and the group starts sharing the conversation.

    What I particularly like is the instant feedback – posting a link to the blog, and then the follow on discussion both in the blog comments and on Twitter.

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