Confused about which site to use for your blog?

Confused about which site to use for your blog?

646678935_de5c16d967_m.jpgIf you have been struggling to decide which site you should use to host your blog I recommend you check out Edublogs. Edublogs has always been good, but since it turned 2 years old it became great!

How do I know?

Here some of the reasons for why I can say Edublogs is great:

  • I have used other host blog hosts
  • I read lots of blogs (refer to my list of Blogs I read) – so I do get to see the good/bad features of each blog hosts
  • I also have several different types of web sites (e.g. podcast site, wiki site) – so am very experienced with dealing with hosting sites

What is great about Edublogs?

Choosing a host for your blog is hard – been there, done that. The great features of Edublogs definitely outweigh the fact that blogger is easier to use (and Edublogs now has support videos to help you).

Reasons why I think Edublogs is great include:

  • Really good customer support – incredibly responsive to its customers. (If you are looking for a wiki host – this is one of the great features of wikispaces)
  • They host your blog for free – you pay nothing and they place no ads on your site
  • Search my blog feature is really good (use chocolate as a search term on my blog to test it – while you are at it join our Chocolate challenge)
  • Great range of blog templates with many plug-in options – now have over 80 blog themes you can choose from

Best new feature

I really like their “What are the hot topics in the edublogs universe?” This displays the tags their bloggers are using – if you click on a tag it takes you to all the posts that Edubloggers have written using that tag. Tags are important because they are the category(s) that you assign when writing a blog post. Tags makes it easier for your readers to find posts on particular topics.

This feature has dramatically increased the traffic to my blog, podcast site and wiki site.

I will definitely be spending time checking out the popular tags (the larger the word the more posts people are writing about that topic) to make sure I am optimising my tag use (e.g. the tag blogging is more popular than blog or Blogs which means it is better to use the category blogging when writing a post about blogs or blogging).


Thanks James for the fantastic make over of your web site!

Readers, check out Edublogs new features.

14 thoughts on “Confused about which site to use for your blog?

  1. I also looked at several blogging hosts before I chose Edublogs for my personal blog about a year ago. To have more control over student blogs I installed WordPress MU on the schools ISP server. So now we have our on little edublog service.

  2. edublogs are for students and teachers. Am i right? Please correct me if i am wrong. I would like to know more about edublogs. Thanks!

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