Blogging Challenge – Day 4: Interlinking posts

Blogging Challenge – Day 4: Interlinking posts


Darren’s Day 4 task is to Dig back into your old posts and do some interlinking of posts because as you add more content to your blog there will be more and more opportunity to link your posts together so that readers can view more pages of your blog.

What I found most interesting about this task was the fact I had not thought of doing it.

I had done exactly this several months ago on my podcast site by going through my old podcasts and:

As a result of doing this I have increased traffic movement following between my different Mobile Technology in TAFE web sites. Yet I had not stopped to consider doing it for my blog.

What you gain going through old posts

The gain, by going back through old posts, is more than just getting readers to view more pages. When you spend the time doing this house work (chuckle what happened when I did housework on my podcast site) you:

  • Reflect on how your site looks to visitors and you make time for improvements (today I changed my sidebar widgets and added Blogs I read – which I have been meaning to add for months)
  • Reflect on posts you have written e.g. what you liked/didn’t like about the post and from what improvements are needed for future posts
  • Reflect on posts you maybe should have written
  • Learn more about how easy to navigate your blog is e.g. Michelle found that Typepad does not have a mechanism for searching her blog for a specific post, only allowed editing by date. Whereas with Edublogs (which I use) the search feature is built into the blog so it is really easy to search terms or phrases (give it a try and see how well it works – try Chocolate as a search term), then all I had to do was click on Edit on the post I wanted to edit to take me into my dashboard. Most people who use Blogger embed a technorati search on their blog which I am not so fussed with.

This process does take time, but it is well spent. Here are some of the posts I made changes to today:

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  1. I have activated comment notification so if a person comments and wants to be notified they will get an email. This is a test to make sure it is working properly and not causing problems with my blog.


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