Why I do what I do….

Why I do what I do….

Darren asked in The Conversation we call Blogging “why do YOU blog and what have you learned by participating in this worldwide community?” Thanks for including me in your list Darren :).

Why do I BLOG?

While it would be nice to be famous or make a lot of money – that is not what make s me tick. I just like helping others.

Funnily enough I did not start off as a blogger, and am not strictly a blogger. When I was first shown blogs, I could not relate to them, or work out what on Earth I would write about and why anyone would want to read what I wrote. It was only when I learnt how to manage reading blogs and became to appreciate the value of reading other people’s blogs that I was able to appreciate why I should blog.logo2

I originally started off as a podcaster (here is my podcast site). Which is really funny because after my first exposure to podcasting I decided why would any TAFE lecturer want to podcast. Several months later I was dragged (kicking and screaming) to learn how to podcast, and after the workshop I forced myself to learn how to podcast. Next thing you know I was addicted to podcasting. What I like about podcasting:

  • It opens doors – People who would not normally talk to me readily let me interview them.
  • Great professional development – I learn so much about the topic of the interview because of the time I spent editing the podcasts (which can be hours if it is a video podcast)
  • Networking opportunities – people contact me and engage in conversation because they like listening to my podcasts

After awhile of podcasting I discovered that I had so much information to share but could not share it properly using podcasts – so I set up a wiki site (here is my wiki site).

There eventually came a time where I had information that I wanted to share, that did not suit my podcast or wiki site and that is when I started blogging. Blogging helps me express my thoughts.

My sites often appeal to different audiences – not everyone likes to listen to podcasts – not everyone likes to read blogs and not everyone likes wikis. But having several completely different types of websites – I can cater to a wider audience and better achieve my goal of helping others (PS Twitter is now forming another way of interacting and helping others).

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What have I learned by participating in this worldwide community?

  • You get out what you put in – you spend the time helping others and others will readily help you.
  • You get to interact and communicate with more people than you ever would have imagined
  • If you want to innovate, then the more people you network with, the more ideas you will have
  • It can make you late for work!!! Running late must go 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why I do what I do….

  1. Thanks for posting a response, Sue. I can particularly relate to your list of things that you have learned from blogging as my experiences seem to have paralleled yours.

    Thank you for being such a great colleague.


    P.S. I have to admit that I enjoy blogging far more than podcasting. It’s just that podcasting takes soooooo long even to create just one episode. 🙁

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