Wireless Woes

Wireless Woes

The thought process:

Part of my role is m-learning – and yet I have no wireless. How can I talk and demonstrate wireless technology if I have not experienced it first hand. Definitely a valid reason for me to spend my time and hard earned money investing in setting up a wireless network for my home (also thought it would make it appear that I was spending more time with the family since I could sit with them and be on my laptop).

The Woes I have faced:

1. Wireless Access point
Already had a router so thought probably best to get a wireless access point and add to my router. Was told by IT friend that any idiot can set up a wireless access point. They obvious did not mean this idiot!

Purchased a D-Link wireless access point (and my router was Netgear). Tried to configure access point directly with Router and wired directly into two different computers. No luck. Could not get it to detect access point. Waited for IT friend to come back – day later – and nope he could not get it to work.

2. Wireless Router

Went back to Harvey Normans, they swapped the access point, no questions asked. None left so had to purchased a wireless router (D-Link). Great now have two routers – just what every household needs NOT.

Fortunately this time idiot was able to configure and set up router. Was definitely feeling so much better with oneself – now have wireless throughout the house. Great except that wireless keeps turrning off on work lap top.

3. Wireless on Lap Top

Work has supplied me with a lovely widescreen Acer TravelMate 6410. On the front of the laptop it has a toggle switch that you move to turn on wireless. It also has the ability to turn off wireless, by itself, when I am using it andwill not let me switch the wireless back on unless I restart the computer.

Obvious question – must be the new wireless router. Nope . Was doing the same thing at BarCamp and now at Frances’s hourse. After BarCamp I contacted work helpdesk and they installed a new wireless driver in case that was the problem. Has made no difference. How long it takes to disconnect varies. Sometimes a couple of minutes other times will last for up to an hour but most the time will be after 5 minutes.

The Answer?

Frances has tried everything with it. No luck.

I think there is a problem with the wireless switch. So it would be worth me borrowing the same lap top from someone else to bring home to test. That woud be interesting as the College purchased 30 of these; might be a worried if it is a problem with all of them.

Relucant to give to our helpdesk to send to be fixed as the last time I did this with my old lap top it was gone for a month.

Personally what they do in the following video is what I would like to do with the laptop. While I am at it I would add the D-Link wireless router which has lost Internet connection (for my PCs that were directly wired to the router) at least 4 times in the three weeks since I bought it (meaning I had to turn it off and restart it).

But I am controlling my temper – only because there is no snow – and maybe because it is a work laptop. Although I do think this is a really good reason for me to buy myself an Mac laptop – the new wireless should work on it and much better for my podcasting 🙂 . Wonder if my hubby would understand the need?

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Q8OMijrTVBU" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

One thought on “Wireless Woes

  1. Lesson 1) – Never mix brands, and never mix with a brand that is more than a few years old. Technology changes. See Two Dlinks worked.
    Lesson 2) Dlink – IMHO avoid them, you get cheap and nasty.
    Lesson 3) some routers don’t recycle on an IP change and will need to be restarted when this occurs, usually the cheaper the router the worse it is.
    Lesson 4) Harvey Norman is not user support 🙂
    Lesson 5) Easier to Podcast off a MAC he he.

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