Importance of eating out

Importance of eating out

Mmm yep I love my food but more importantly it is great to meet f2f people who I have been interacting with in the online world.

Last Thursday I managed to catch up with Alex and his daughter. Poor Alex, on the previous day, had traveled non-stop for 15 hours through the outback of Australia, so to say he was a bit tired is an understatement. 🙂 Shame I picked the most noisiest place in Perth to eat so talking was a struggle. Oh well there is always next time.

Then, last night I want out to dinner in the city with John Pearce (My Other Blog) who is visiting Perth (unbelievable Wikipedia did say it was the second most isolated city in World now they have removed that title and replaced it with just one of the most isolated! Shame on your Wikipedia) from Melbourne (known for its modern day trams and cold weather). desert

I definitely think I need to eat out more often. Last night we walked the streets because the local (me) had no idea where a good place was to eat. Luckily this time I got it right and we enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner (and we got lots of exercise walking).

John is getting up to great work at his primary school. He has been using Smartboards in his classroom for several years (they started with 4 boards and now have 12 in the school). It is good to hear that he is using the Internet with his students and they are podcasting (e.g. Senior Podcasts), wiking (e.g. Terry the Tennis ball wiki) and blogging (using Global Student blogs). He also believes, like me, that teaching our kids using tools on the Internet is important (they use Internet at home) and it is better to educate them on appropriate Internet use rather protect them behind closed doors. If you want to learn more about how to get involved at your school check out his tutorials for getting started.

Question – my kids definitely are not using podcasts, wikis or blogs at their schools. Are your kid’s schools? Why are our kids missing out of this part of their education?

🙂 John probably felt disappointed as a podcaster that I did not interview him (or maybe grateful). Nope, John definitely want to….hoping we can do it via Skype?

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