Lets have fun with Facebook

Lets have fun with Facebook

Did I mention that I was on holidays?

Yippee stay up late, get up late, get dressed late and …..fit in a bit of time online.

I am slowly starting “to get” the fun things you can do in Facebook. fun


Frances introduced me to the FunWall application which lets you do creative things with photos that you can add to your wall or a friends wall (provided they have the FunWall application). I really love the cool things you can do to photos with these application (love the glitter so pretty).


Harriet introduced me to Scrabble. Really cool I kept wondering why they were talking about Scrabble in Twitter – now I know – personally I thought they had gone slightly nuts. Hopefully she will stay distracted for long enough for me to win! I am a bit competitive with Scrabble.

Come and join me in Facebook (Sue Waters) if you want to play Scrabble.


There are lots of applications in Facebook which I will have to check out over the next few days – definitely a fun task for the holidays.

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