Aquaculture lecturer fights Telstra over PDA bill

Aquaculture lecturer fights Telstra over PDA bill

Aquaculture lecturer fainted when she recieved the SMS from Telstra, when she was in Geraldton this morning, apparently she has exceeded her data plan limit by 259% – not sure whether the words are oops or sheesh.

So while the solution to lack of Internet access on my laptop was solved by using my PDA – perhaps it was not the best solution (make sure you check out the best data plan for what you want to do – 3G plans are the best in Australia). Good news is boredom meant that I had a great time testing out the different mobile website.

Mobile Web sites I liked were:

  • Gmail – fanatastic (shame only a few people sent emails to gmail account 🙁 ) (open up Google in your mobile web browser and the link to gmail is located towards the bottom of the page)
  • Facebook – great (except no one to play with) (
  • Twitter ( – this may have been the culprit for the over use)

While it was good to access these web sites, their limited features made them less fun compared to my PC and I really missed reading my favourite blogs. I did think when I woke up really early this morning that maybe I should pay for Internet access for my laptop but thought the manager may not consider a phone call on the emergency number for Internet access actually constituted an emergency (although I think it was).

Noodlez (Michael Newby) and I did discuss via twitter that maybe we needed to form a self-help group to overcome finding it hard to be unplugged for more than 10 minutes, and we would use twitter to support one another. Let us know if you want to join our self help group.

Workshops went well and will write about it over the next couple of days. Both Ann and I were really impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff involved. Photo is the dedicated team of IT help working hard to get Audacity working on all computers for the podcasting workshop. Thanks to the IT team for their excellent support over the two days. Both staff and IT team rocked. Thanks for inviting us.


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