Have Internet access so able to travel

Have Internet access so able to travel

290964810_2ca0057642_mTomorrow morning I am flying (small plane – Fokker 50 – and weather is really bad) to Central West TAFE in Geraldton for their Quality week (as part of my commitment to the fresh thinking program) where I will be doing workshops on e-learning and m-learning. So far I have been to Swan TAFE and Pilbara TAFE. I am finding the Fresh Thinking program has been a great opportunity to see and experience what is happening at other TAFEWA colleges. Photo by Purpleairplane.

It is almost 9.30pm, my bag is not packed and I am flying at 7am but I have made sure of the most important thing – Internet access. Yes I know the College will have it but they might block all the sites I use to interact with my friends 🙁 (and might not like me doing this).

Accessing Internet while mobile

No point bothering with wireless on my laptop as wireless is not functioning properly (great bought new wireless router and laptop has problem). Thankfully PDA is working fine; so will have email access to home account. Will not be able to access work email on my PDA as they are using MS Outlook Web Access and it does not resize for my PDA – not my problem (hello? they want to mobilize us and forgot this aspect).

Mobile Twitter

Most importantly Matt has advise me that I will still be able to Twitter by using m.twitter.com. He has advised me not to set up notifications to my phone rather to get all updates and twitter directly from my mobile web browser using http://m.twitter.com. Will just have to live without GTalk and Skype for 2 days (I may survive?)

Can one have too many phones?

Still all is good in terms of accessing the Internet compared to Alex who is visiting Parnngurr. Generator turns every night (after which he has no Internet) and he has 3 mobile phones with no phone connection (although to me that is at least 2 phones too many).

2 thoughts on “Have Internet access so able to travel

  1. Fring is a good application to run Gtalk, and skype. I use the chat based facilities, as I’ve found the VoIP aspects to be poor quality.

    Of course, I’m using a Nokia E65, so your mileage may vary.

  2. Good luck with the The Fresh Thinking program.

    I also had the privelege of being part of this program and I must say it opened many doors for me …..my first mass SMS activities were conducted via a Fresh Thinking workshop…:-)

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