Web 2.0 and LMS

Web 2.0 and LMS

At a recent LMS (e.g. Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Janson) day they discussed future directions for the company that involve integrating Web 2.0 features (such as wikis, blogs and ePortfolios) into their LMS; to focus on the student and community aspect of learning. I would expect most of the LMS companies will be working hard on how to incorporate Web 2.0 into their products.

To me the thought of a LMS with Web 2.0 evokes very strong negative feelings. But I am lucky because if I want use Web 2.0 with my students I just go ahead:

  • I don’t have to shield them from the Internet (issues for some schools)
  • There are no intellectual property issues (issues for some Universities)
  • Web 2.0 web sites are not being blocked (issues for some TAFEs)

My thoughts

If I am going to use Web 2.0 tools to encourage collaboration and social interaction, then I want it to be on the open Internet, where my students can gain from the benefit of mass collaboration with a global audience not locked behind closed doors, in a LMS, where collaboration is limited to class members.

Web 2.0 tools for e-learning

Check out:

  1. Richard MacManus article e-learning: All you need to know
  2. Josh Catone’s article Web 2.0 Backpack: Web Apps for students

Final point

I am NOT anti LMS. The LMS I use is an important part of my e-learning program for remote students. It is just at this point in time, for my purposes, I am not interested in using Web 2.0 tools in an LMS however I can understand why this is a desired feature for others.

One thought on “Web 2.0 and LMS

  1. Hi Sue,

    Good thoughts. There is a potential consequence of putting wildly popular web 2.0 technologies into institutional sites – they lose their appeal!

    However, teaching at a school where child protection issues prevent open publication of student work, this option is appealing to staff who want to encourage social networking using technology, blog posts with comments, wiki collaboration, etc. My Moodle site has all these features and they are controlled at teacher level as to how widely they are available and published.

    Perhaps this is a happy medium – or is that the clairvoyant on holiday? 😉

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