Go camping…but do I need a tent?

Go camping…but do I need a tent?

Lots of my friends worry that I do not get out enough so I have got my leave pass (from my husband and kids) and I am going camping. Though I am not sure this was what my friends were thinking of, when they suggest I should get out more, because I am off to BarCamp.

Okay I have not been to a BarCamp before but this is my interpretation of what it it about BarCamp is an unconference where content is provided by the participants, and the sessions are proposed and scheduled by the attendees. At BarCamp you are expected to participate/volunteer/contribute in some form to the event.”

I have heard about BarCamp before however was worried that I would not fit in, as I am not a computer geek and I do not know any programming language (being able to use HTML does not count to me). However my friends, Frances and Kate, are going, they are both computer geeks so I will be okay as they can interpret if I get stuck. For example Frances said this was a great topic they have suggested for our BarCamp “How to evangelise web 2.0 outside the geekosphere :)” and I said what of Earth are they saying in my language – she said it means “how to increase the use of Web 2.0 by the non-geek” And if they get stuck with Web 2.0 matters I will interpret for them 🙂 that is what friends are for.

I also look forward to meeting Kathryn from Librarian Matters, who will be at Perth’s BarCamp, and who has been lucky enough to truly get out this week and is on holidays in Broome. Some of the other people who will be at Perth’s BarCamp include:-

I strongly recommend, anyone who is into computer programming, Web 2.0 or elearning, comes to Perth’s BarCamp at Central TAFE, 140 Royal St, East Perth WA 6004 on 30 June 2007 from 9am – 5pm. I am always happy to talk mobile technology, Web 2.0 or elearning with anyone. You will need to register here!

4 thoughts on “Go camping…but do I need a tent?

  1. I look forward to meeting you too, Sue. Glad that some other less tech-headed folk will be turning up. I was toying with a topic for barcamp, but couldn’t quite articulate it – something like “how to be taken seriously when you’re a woman who doesn’t know all the tech terms, but needs to create technical specifications”. Still trying to articulate it.

  2. It is interesting really. We are both another breed. We are both not geeks (because to me a geek can program) and yet our less digitally literate friends would consider us geeks. We relate more closely to the geeks but when they start talking programming language we are lost.

    How about “Web 2.0ers that aren’t programmers with lots to offer”

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