Googleless and Googleholics

Googleless and Googleholics

googleholic.jpgWhile I was unable to participate (see reasons) in the “A Day without Google (Tuesday June 12th)” it has been interesting to observe how others have gone in this challenge (check out responses on AltSearchEngine post “A Day without Google” – love the fact that people from lots of different nationalities got involved in this challenge – I hope there will be more responses over the next two days as people report back on what they discovered).

Well I am happy to report that my friend Frances passed the challenge of going without Google for a day – and I congratulate her for being able to do something that I could not do. I really enjoyed reading her post on how her Gooogleless day went.

Here is an extract of some of her post:

I found it interesting to try different search engine and did find the information I was looking for in my searches, but also had to make a conscious effort not to use Google for finding information. I think that we have been using Google for so long now it has just become a way of life. I do find myself talking about “googling things” and have even said this to my students”.

“I may continue to use some of these alternatives if Google doesn’t return what I want and when helping my daughter with school projects, they may help to return different results to what her class mates or teachers will get!”

It does not appear at the moment, from her experience or feedback on “A Day without Google” that there is an Alternative search engine that stands out, maybe this will change as more people submit their feedback. Perhaps David Berkowitz is correct when he says “I might as well take it as a vacation day. The top 5 are the top 5 for a reason” (5 top refers to Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, or Ask).

I love how Frances finishes her post with “I am a Googleholic and I don’t care” 🙂

Looks like we may have to organise:

“I am a Googleholic and I don’t care” self help group

Judging from the comments on my post on “Can you go without Google for a Day” we should not have trouble with getting members!

One thought on “Googleless and Googleholics

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’m a big fan of the exposure Charles Knight is giving to the alternative search engines, and one month I went through every single link on his top 100 list, but few of them are really useful even for a niche search. There’s still a ton of room for innovation, but a lot of that happens to be coming from the biggest engines.

    Plus, I’m lazy. 🙂

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