My Reading List

My Reading List

My favourite past times are watching a great movie (I love going to the movies) and reading a good book (into crime and thrillers).

Fortunately I enjoy reading because at the moment I have a lot of books and blogs that I read as part of my learning process. So I thought I would share my list (I believe some of them are must reads for people involved in e-learning) and hopefully people will also recommend some other books to add to my list. (I am really interested in information that will help me with my individual learnscope project on e-learning leadership so any hints on my reads for e-learning leadership, professional development, capability development, change management, innovation would be greatly appreciated).

My current list is:

Books relating to technology

  1. The World is Flat – Thomas L Friedman. Thanks Vicki Davis for recommending this book. I really love this book, my husband has just started reading it and is also enjoying it. (Located in the Politics and Current Affairs section at bookstores).
  2. The Wisdom of Crowds – James Surowiecki. Thanks Euan Semple for recommending this book (Located in the Business section at bookstores)
  3. The Google Story – David A.Vise. This book is really good. Funny story when I was flying to Karratha a fly in- fly out worker, laughed at my selection of nerdy books that I had brought to read. However several minutes into the flight he was bored and asked me if he could borrow this book. He sat there totally engrossed with this book for the entire flight and enjoyed reading it.
  4. Google.pedia – Michael Miller.
  5. How to do everything with your IPAQ Pocket PC (3rd Ed) – D. Ball and Dayton Foster – Great reference book if you have an HP IPAQ

Books relating to professional development

  1. A Business approach to capability development and Life Based Learning – thanks to Robyn Jay from NSW Learnscope for recommending these books to me (and sending a copy to me).
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in VET – John Mitchell
  3. Beyond Monet – The Artful Science of Instructional Integration by Barrie Bennet and Carol Rolheiser.
  4. Managing Business Change for Dummies – Beth Evard and Craig Gippie. (Management section at Borders). Professional development is all about implementing change. I bought this book to learn more about change management because the more I understand the impacts of change on people the better I will be able to implement change within my organisation.


  1. Pocket PC and Smartphone Magazine – this is a must read magazine for anyone involved with m-learning technologies relating to PDAs
  2. PC Today – Great review of UMPCs in June, 2007 edition.

Blogs I like to read

  1. Vicki Davis’s Cool Cat Teacher Blog
  2. Sean O’Driscoll’s Community Group Therapy
  3. Chris’s Crucial Thought
  4. Grabriela Grosseck’s Despre chestii din viata (cu si fara tehnologie) – Gabriela gives me great information – even though I don’t read Romanian
  5. Darren Draper’s Drake’s Takes
  6. Judy O’Connell’s Hey Jude
  7. Infinite Thinking Machine
  8. David Cruickshank Internet Business
  9. Jacinta believe’s:Social Networking Tools In Learning Rock! Let’s Rock Together!
  10. Kathryn Greenhill’s Librarians Matter
  11. m-learning World
  12. John Pearce’s My Other Blog
  13. NSW Learnscope’s Connections and Conversations – love your start to the point posts Alex 🙂
  14. Read/WriteWeb
  15. Tama Leaver’s Tama’s elearning blog
  16. Warrick’s Teaching and Learning
  17. Graham Wegner’s Teaching Generation Z
  18. Kate’s Waxlyrical

Thankfully holidays are coming so I am looking forward to catching up with all this reading while I sit supervising my kids playing. I would greatly appreciate it if you added more readings to my list.

Reading list

3 thoughts on “My Reading List

  1. Wow! Thank you for including me on your list. I am now reading Wikinomics, another great book to add to your list after you slog through the World is Flat — one thought on that super long book — you don’t have to read the WHOLE thing to get the idea — I pulled out the most important chapters and read those — I still go back to it often.

    You’re doing a great job on your blog!

  2. Yes Philip – time can be an issue however I am very good at multitasking – e.g. read book while sitting with the family.

    Thanks Vicki for the book suggestion I will grab it next time I go into town. Looks like a really good book. My husband is really enjoying the World is Flat (considering he is not into technology like me it is really good) unfortunately his eyes are failing (waiting for new glasses) so is getting frustrated at not being able to read a lot.

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