New day – new Rant!

New day – new Rant!

One thing I did not mention in yesterday’s morning rant – was after all my traffic and meeting woes – I could not a drink of coke (cocoa cola). Unfortunately I have a serious addiction to coke – I have my own step program to give it up. So after getting stuck in traffic yesterday I thought I will just calm down with a nice drink of coke. Wrong – vending machine would not accept coins. Canteen does not sell coke. Canteen at the far end of campus is closed for renovations. So went for a walk to the vending machine at the far end of the campus – it also would not accept coins. So had to walk a reasonable distance to a shop to buy a coke – see there is my step program. In the meantime got by with a Choc Chill (just not the same).

So imagine my frustration this morning when I thought the machine had been fixed (as I had seen the vending person in the room yesterday afternoon) when not only did I discover that the machine did not work but he had replaced the Coke with Pepsi!!!!!!! So even if I could get a drink, it would be not good. (PS a can of coke is not a Coke – has to be a bottle only!!!)


Well they heard my yells all over campus. The person in charge of the canteen (who looks after the vending machines) enjoyed my ranting emails. Has implemented some changes to cater to my coke addiction and in the meantime sent me a virtual coke machine game link to play with. Guess what – can not get the virtual coke machine to work so it will not pour me a glass of virtual coke. Why don’t you give the machine a try and see if you can win a virtual coke!

Why is this important to me – well if you are an coffee or tea drink imagine trying to get through the day without your drink. I do not drink hot drinks!!!!! Although I could relate to Tama’s It’s all about the Coffee post although the word should be Coke. And if they had a coke quiz like the coffee quiz I am sure I would rate at 100 % addict.

Oh well time to walk and find a drink of coke, and remember that tomorrow is the day I give up drinking coke!

5 thoughts on “New day – new Rant!

  1. You mean the one in cyrillic?
    Well the first word is pronounced like “pist” so maybe you have to be to play it. Actually this is a transatlantic pun; US = angry; UK = drunk. So both fit here.

  2. I think that addiction is a serious thing….. I have to say as a pepsi max drinker I’m disturbed by your disappointment at the appearance of the coke machine –

  3. Every morning I wake up with a large cup of coffe. Which is OK because it’s home made. At the University I have to go to the first floor to take a good one and sometimes teh machine doesn’t work with coins. So I understand this coffe frustration very well, but we have to do something. Maybe milk in the morning? 🙂
    Best regards,

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