My morning rant!

My morning rant!

Well – got dressed early. Raced out the door because I had a early meeting (8 am) and it takes me 40-50 minutes to drive to work. Was running a few minutes late as it is hard to dress yourself, get kids ready, dry hair and write blog post (on scratch).

Watched clock all the way to work. Was almost at work when got stuck in traffic jam. So decided to ring work and let them know I was running late due to traffic delays only to be told that the first meeting starts next Tuesday morning. Great!

So now I sat, stuck in traffic, opposite the beach, with no possibilities of taking another route because it is the one road into Fremantle that there are not many good options to going around; and it is such a short road. I sat stuck in the one spot for 40 minutes all because the boom at the railway line on this small road that carries most the traffic going north and south from/to Fremantle was stuck in the down position. At this point in time it is probably worth reflecting that if I had not being enjoying listening to my ipod I may have heard what the problem was; although that wouldn’t have helped me because it had happened just when I arrived and there are no easy ways to get out of this traffic jam.

Finally I got through the traffic – followed a truck on the path he found through. When I drove off I looked in amazement at all the traffic stopped in both directions coming/going from Fremantle.

Total travelling time this morning was close to 2 hours; and at least I was not the only person who thought that the meeting was today. Finally to make things worse the Coke machine was broken down and the canteen nearby was closed down! I am sure that we are sent these types of days. And if this is the worst thing that happens – really not that bad and I have had a good rant for the delay.

Final laugh – could not get my photo to upload- helps if you press the right upload button. Good to note that lots of my work collegues were stuck in the same traffic jam for considerably longer (except for the one who drives a scooter).

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