Beyond Text: Voice Online

Beyond Text: Voice Online

This week has been full on networking with friends who had come to Perth for the WA Training Forum and meeting new people, one of which was Michael Coghlan. I have to say I am pleased that I had the opportunity to spend time with Michael – not only because he is a nice person – which he is – but it was great to learn from all his knowledge and experience (check out his involvement with New Practise Project for the Australian Flexibile Learning Network Beyond Text: Using Voice online).

Michael did two excellent presentations on voice online for his visit. You can check out podcasts of these two presentations at:

  1. Voice online (audio) – presented at WA Training Forum
  2. Using Voice Boards (video) – presented at West Coast TAFE

You can also check out the voice boards at Beyond Text New Practice Workshop wiki and I would also check out his PowerPoint.

Thanks Michael for the great workshops – we all enjoyed ourselves.


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