Where do you fit within the different categories of technology users?

Where do you fit within the different categories of technology users?

Pew Internet has just conducted a survey to classify American’s into different categories of technology users. As part of this project they also have an online quiz so you can see where you within their categories. Before you read their entire report I suggest for fun that you take their online quiz “Where do you fit?” It won’t take long, only 10 quick questions, and it definitely is interesting to reflect on their survey results and where you fit within the categories.

What I found amazing was the mixture of different types of questions they used to classify users into different categories. These questions related to:

  • What technology people use and how it facilitates communication – e.g. use of the internet, cell phones, video and digital cameras
  • The types of activities the engage in with their technology and frequency of online use
  • Their attitudes to technology – how people see ICTs helping them to be more productive at work, to pursue hobbies, and to keep up with family and friends; we also solicited their views about information overload and technology’s capacity to offer more control over their lives.

For me, I was amazed that the survey was exactly correct for my technology use. (Although I am not really into mobile phones – so please don’t ring me with a phone because I hate talking on the phone – whereas happy to use VOIP). I then convinced my husband to take the survey. Which was the hardest work because it is early in the morning here – and we all know what he thinks of technology. Gave me a great laugh as his result was Connected but Hassled (although did not mentioned hassled by wife 🙂 ). Once again absolutely spot on.

Final point based on my results; those who would like to see me go for a walk on a beach more often are probably going to find it a challenge. As ICTs are a principle means for my group to pursue their hobbies and staying in touch with their social networks. Also love the fact that my group is mainly made of up considerably younger individuals than myself.

Once you have completed the online quiz, check out the complete report from Pew Internet’s survey. Would be interesting to hear their thoughts on how users might progress through these categories over time?

Thanks Gabriela for blogging about this great survey.

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