Revenge of the little guys!

Revenge of the little guys!

I can so relate to the frustrations John Pearce expressed on his blog My other Blog (check out his great comic on Revenge of the Little guys in the Machine) and read some of his more recent posts. After spending the day creating a podcast (was there actually sunshine outside?), I have now spend since about 7.30 pm trying to upload my video podcast. Personally I think the little guys are online – and have definitely p….d me off as it is now 11.30 and I still can not upload to my podcast site!

So she who will not be defeated – went with Google Video. Fortunately that worked! So here is the video on How to create videos for “How to” do tasks. Most mobile technology projects last year in Western Australia found that “How to” do tasks videos were the most beneficial to both:

  1. The students (could watch them anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device while doing the task e.g. practising tying knots or working with equipment)
  2. The lecturers (students could refer to video on their own mobile device while waiting for assistance; more importantly the skills learnt were of great benefit to the lecturers)

So I hope you enjoy watching this video and I suggest you try making your own videos (check out Visage Training Centre Project wiki and Using Move Maker for more information on how to create instructional videos. Also check out John Pearce’s student’s podcast site. Excellent work BPS Seniors. I think maybe I should hire them for my podcast site (they are using an excellent mixture of voice and music) or maybe they could do a podcast for my site on positive impacts blogs, wikis and podcasting have on their school work.


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