Is there such as thing as too much wiki?

Is there such as thing as too much wiki?

No, I don’t think there is so such as too much wiki! I am consistently amazed with all the different ways you can use wikis and I still have so much more to learn.

The great part of creating podcasts is it is part of my learning journey because I learn so much about the topic of the podcast due to the the time it takes me to create them and the amount of research I do while creating. While I am creating and editing the podcasts I reflect on the implications of the topic in my work and how I can use it to benefit me. This was how I became to realise the wide range of possibilities for using wikis as a result of my series of podcasts on wikis.

My interview with Adam Frey from wikispaces of the use of wikis in education made me realise how value wikis can be for encouraging collaborative learning in education. I then followed up this interview with my tips for setting up your own wiki where I gain a greater knowledge of how to use wikis from a technical point of view. It was not until I created the podcast from Euan Semple’s presentation on using social computing in organisations that I realised that wikis are a great way to collaborate and effectively manage work in a organisation (why did I not realise that sooner!).

So here are all the ways I use wikis in my life to benefit me:

  1. Information wiki – my Mobile technology in TAFE wiki is a place where I can get work done, develop and store information. When I facilitate training in e- and m- learning I can quickly create a hand out from my “how to” information.
  2. Project wiki – When I facilitate training I set up a project wiki to record the progress of the project, use it as a place for participants to develop their ideas (instead of sending emails they are asked to put their ideas and thoughts on the wiki) and as a place for participants to record their thoughts on their learning journey. The Visage Training Centre wiki is an example of this type of wiki. In this project they are increasing their ability to use PDAs for assessing and delivery of contents. The added benefit in using the wiki is while their project is not about wikis, indirectly they are learning how to use a wiki as part of their project. For me the great thing about the wiki is their progress is recorded on the wiki so I do not have to remember which file and folder on my computer I have put the information.
  3. Project management wiki – our Challenger TAFE wiki is an example how you can manage projects using a wiki. Rather than send emails and documents back and forward. Then forget which version you are up to it can be done directly on the wiki. I can access the information and work on it from which ever location and computer I am on. I have now even embedded a calender into our wikis – which is really cool!

For me the added benefit of it all is that my gain in knowledge of how to use wikis has taught others their benefit and they are now using them for their work.

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