And the winners are……”Good and Evil Sue”

And the winners are……”Good and Evil Sue”

Leonard Low decided to celebrate the first anniversary of his mobile learning blog by having The “Mobile Learning” Gadget Giveaway (the prize was an mp3/WMA player/recorder). I decided we had to enter because Leonard had supported and promoted my podcast site on his blog so it was time to repay the favour. Evil Sue agreed to help me out because “It is not about the contest, it is about winning.”

And the news is….the winners are….“Good and Evil Sue” (and a few others including our mate Frances).

Here are the wonderful things Leonard said:trophy.gif

“Good” and “Evil” Sue at the “Mobile Technology in TAFE” created a podcast about the competition for their entry, which, as always, is fantastic!!! The result is a podcast called “What we learnt while preparing for a podcast for… the Mobile Learning Gadget Giveaway!” The Two Sues look at how you can put notes on your iPod, (even a website), and also talk about their experiences of taking the Mobile Learning blog into various mobile formats. Thank you ladies, for such a wonderful exploration of the blog… which is brilliant: I even learned quite a few things myself… WOW. And thanks for the Happy Birthday shoutout! 🙂

Here is Frances comment on her thoughts on our podcast for the competition: “I just watched the podcast that you and “Evil Sue” did for the competition . It was fabulous, one of your best I think. Everything worked so well, sound and images.”

Thanks Frances and congratulations on your win!

Evil Sue and I are very pleased that we won. This podcast took considerable time for me to create (and very little on the part of Evil Sue) and we are glad that people have enjoyed watching it plus gained knowledge. We have decided to pass our prize onto my kids, as they are very patient when their mother is working too much on the computer!

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