Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs

Most Popular Smartphones and PDAs

My friend Frances has set up her own blog “My Mobile Technology Addictions“; personally I think her site should be called “My Technology Addictions” because she is fairly addicted to it all. While I commented that Sue was not even in the competition, when it comes to me and Frances, I am not in the competition.


Frances is a brilliant PDA programmer, she has developed excellent software for PDA and is fantastic at teaching people how to use PDAs. Unfortunately she is not recognised for her great work and people perceive her, compared to me, as just starting out in mobile technology. Which is totally the wrong assumption; important not to confuse web presence with ability.

I gain so much from my relationship with Frances (yes Sue – you too); I believe that my relationships and networking with others is mutually beneficial. For example; Frances has helped me out of many at tricky situation (like the “I most almost destroyed my video ipod‘) or simple and obvious tricks (saving PowerPoints as jpg) and I have fed her technology addiction by challenging her thoughts on using e-learning strategies with IT students (she is now setting up a wiki for her students).

Back to work – Frances posted Mobile Software Top Sellers which is cool because it gives you an update on the sales on software from Handango Yardstick – lets you know what software people are buying for their PDAs, which is great because there are so many software and freeware options that it can be overwhelming.

Also got me thinking that I am often asked for advice on which PDA or smartphone is worth purchasing. I think it is always a good idea to check out what is popular. I suggest you look at Brighthand “Most Popular PDA and Smartphones” and Consumer Search Best PDAs then ask advice from people who use them; because ultimately there is a lot of individuality with mobile devices (I personally would not like a large PDA with keyboard; and while my current model does not have a keyboard – which is not an issue- I would be happy with a keyboard only if it slide in and out). If you want an inbuilt phone make sure you buy 3G, or you will be playing a lot more to access the Internet.

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