Never work with kids…. or husband!

Never work with kids…. or husband!

Absolutely unbelievable. First my son Liam’s ToonDoo comic is more popular than mine (238 views as well as making Editor’s pick) and now my husband, who has only posted once on his site, “The blog of a technology widower” has been written about on another person’s site. What can I say, speechless, luckily I can still type!

Letting it all go…..Gabriella after reading my post on ToonDoo checked it out and obviously had some fun as she made her own comic. I believe she has written that ToonDoo is really easy to use! And she has yet again given me a fabulous link to a site, Comeeko, where you can make comics from your photos. Absolutely brilliant, this means I can now easily create comics from characters, using ToonDoo, or if I want to use my own photos I can use Comeeko.

ToonDoo is a lot easier to use than Comeeko. I love the fact that when they designed ToonDoo software they created it so that kids could easily use – these means that it works so easily and well for anyone. However I like the fact that you can use your own photos with Comeeko and you can download your finished comic onto your computer then easily insert your comic into your blog without having to mess around with code.

From my point of view they are both excellent free online comic creators. Definitely you should give both a try – lots of fun!


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