Image editing software

Image editing software

After reading the latest blogs I thought it was time to read some articles from my technology news feeds; one of which is “Most popular downloads of the week”. Dare I say it; Google Picasa is one of the top ten downloads for the week. While I had read an article posted by Phillip Nichols on “How to do simple graphics editing with Picasa” back in February I had not got around to giving it a go. So when I saw the PC World article it reminded me that Phillip said it was a great program and I decided to give it a try.

Unlike a lot of Google applications this one you actually download and use on your computer. It is definitely cool. Goes through and scans your hard drive then places all the images and videos from all your different folders (not just My Pictures) into folders that are easy to access from its library. Their library is so easy and nice to scroll through.

There are lots of photo editing options as well.


Definitely an excellent option for fast editing of photos. The only feature I would like to see improved is picture resizing. Here is a collage I made quickly using it. Refer to their information on “How do I create a collage” to see how I did this.

My final thoughts:

  1. Google Picasa is definitely fantastic free software that organises all the photos and videos on your computer into one library and lets you locate and edit them much easier than any other program I use. Much easier than using Windows Explorer and trying to remember which folders pictures are in. Definitely give it a try!
  2. SnagIT – while it is not free – is great for screen capture, editing and adding call outs. Thanks to Sue Hickton for putting me onto this program
  3. Picture Manager is great for resizing photos

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