Mobile techology in TAFE is now blogging!

Mobile techology in TAFE is now blogging!

After much debate (with myself) I have finally decided to set up a blog site for Mobile Technology in TAFE for a number of reasons:

  1. My reluctance have stemmed from the fact that sometimes I feel overwhelmed reading blogs – however I have now solved this problem by managing my reading of blogs using Google Reader which I have found brilliant for keeping track of all the blogs I like to reader and I have inserted a Google Reader gadget onto my personalised Goolge homepage. This gadget lets me see the latest 10 postings from the sites I subscribe to when I go to my google homepage.
  2. I am a avid podcaster and my podcasts take considerable time to create. Check out Mobile technology in TAFE podcasts to see my latest podcasts on m- and e-learning. However I learn a lot about different topics while I am creating my podcasts, and I have some many ideas running through my head that I can not put in my podcasts and a blog is a good place for me to share these thoughts.
  3. I have a wiki at Mobile technology in TAFE wikispaces where I share information on m- and e-learning in terms of use with students and “how to” tips for educators. Once again it takes me time to write the pages for my wiki . But once again while I am writing the pages I have lots of ideas that are better shared on a blog.
  4. Added to the fact that I work full time and have two kids. Oh well a person has to have a hobby.

So welcome to my first post. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and my different sites help you learn to use the different technology better, whether you are just interested in learning more about technology for yourself or you want to use it with students.

Meanwhile check out this excellent video from T4 Jordan School District which highlights the reasons why we should be using technology to engage our students.

And if you have not watched Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us take the time to have a look. Well worth it if you are struggling to understand what Web 2.0 is all about.

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