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The importance of getting out

My friend Phillip worries that I do not get out enough, so I convinced him to let me visit and watch him facilitate professional development for his Learnscope project (titled iTubes YouTubes) at AMES at West Coast TAFE (they offer English for Migrant courses). He was a bit concerned as to whether I would actually gain from being at his session, I wasn’t because my aim was to pick up tips for improving how I facilitate professional development. I believe……

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Getting Your Gmail Account Under Control And Working For You!

I’ve never been able to control my email accounts! Regardless of my actions emails flow in leading to major email infestation. James’s explanation of how he uses his email accounts as his “to-do-list”; archiving emails that have been actioned immediately and keeping those that need follow up labeled in his Inbox has helped me to take gmail from 3000+, home email from 1000+ and my work email account to ZERO! Let me show you how to do this with gmail……

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Importance of eating out

Mmm yep I love my food but more importantly it is great to meet f2f people who I have been interacting with in the online world. Last Thursday I managed to catch up with Alex and his daughter. Poor Alex, on the previous day, had traveled non-stop for 15 hours through the outback of Australia, so to say he was a bit tired is an understatement. 🙂 Shame I picked the most noisiest place in Perth to eat so talking……

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Importance of going Camping

Yesterday I had a fantastic day at BarCamp Perth. Initially I was reluctant to go because I am not a programmer and the program looked very techy. Reality was good mixture Web 2.0ers and programmers with excellent opportunities to network and learn f2f with people of similar interests in our own community, and who we would not have meet without BarCamp. Thanks Myles Eftos for putting the time in to make it happen. Patience for my podcasts from BarCamp will……

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Importance of Staying Home

Lets see – at home. Can clean house? Wash dishes? Wash clothes? Do gardening? Or I join an Elluminate session and watch Philip facilitate an interactive online professional development (he shows the participants in the virtual classroom what to do then they have to do it on their computers e.g. set up their own iGoogle). Lets see – housework and gardening sound boring (oh well what’s another day of mess?). I learnt a lot from Philip when I joined his……

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Top 100+ Crime and Mystery Novels List

I’ve been working my way through a reading list I compiled by combining The Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time created by the British-based Crime Writers Association, published in Hatchards Crime Companion in 1990, with the Mystery Writers of America‘s  The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time,  published in The Crown Crime Companion in 1995. My reading approach has changed since I started in August, 2018 so I’ve added tips and information to this page to help others who decide, like me,……

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Janne’s Story

Janne’s story is about my mother Millicent Halma (nee Hurst) – preferred name Janne who was born in 1938 and died on January 24, 2019.  It is written from stories she told me before she died combined with information in documents she wrote at various times during her life.  I didn’t always appreciate her hoarding – but I feel blessed that it lead her to keeping so many documents and items that most people discard.  Most were found when cleaning……

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Hill Family History

My great grandparents, Edward Ernest Hill and Mary Gertrude Hill (nee Day) were early Bridgetown pioneers.  The family business was called E. Day & Co and they ran a series of different businesses during their time they lived in Bridgetown including E. Day & Co Universal Providers (corner of Henry Street and South Western Highway, formerly Hampton Street), saw mill,  an orchard and sheep stud at Sunnyhurst farm.  They built the Sunnyhurst homestead and were members of numerous local committees……

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Learning Together By HELPING The Student blogging competition!

You’d think I’d know better after the 31 Days To Build A Better Blog and Comment Challenge but NO! Why? Because I know how much everyone benefits from these Challenges. So when Miss Wyatt told me she had adapted the concept of these challenges to organised Blogging Competition specifically for student and class blogs I knew I had to MAKE TIME to be involved. About The Student Blogging Competition The Student Blogging Competition runs for 10 weeks and commenced 22……

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My Quick Start Tips for New Twitters

It’s easy to forget how intimidating Twitter can be to new users once you’ve used it for awhile. So here are some of my quick tips to getting started using twitter. Setting Up Your Twitter Account If you’re not currently using Twitter reconsider! Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for your personal learning, connecting with others and complements your blogging. Here are two of my posts that will help you understand why you should use twitter and how to set……

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