Hi there!  My name is Sue Waters.

Who Am I?

Image of australiaI’m based in Perth, Western Australia and my passion is helping educators using technology to enhance student learning.

Those who know me online often assume I’m based in their time zone, USA time zone, or I’m a bot – since I work flexible hours as a remote worker.

I’m the Support Manager for Edublogs and CampusPress — part of Incsub which is also behind WPMU DEV.  Inscub is a specialist WordPress company with over 100 employees spread across different countries and time zones; most are remote workers like myself.

My work days are spent testing, supporting people using our blogging platforms, or working with our support team, developers and sysadmins.  I work with educators across all educational sectors spread throughout the World which enables me to assist educators integrate technology to enhance student learning in ways that weren’t possible in my previous work role as an aquaculture lecturer.

My Blogging Story

I’ve blogged since 2007 and am passionate about blogging as it has been life-changing for me. As a result of blogging, I’ve changed how I learn, I’ve helped others make a difference in their life and changed my career.

What’s incredible with my blogging journey is I’ve battled writing and processing language my entire life. While my English teacher and I would agree that my expression continues to be rather odd at times — blogging helped me become a better writer.

It’s not perfect — and continues to be a work in progress — but I can’t imagine any of my English teachers or I would ever thought that one day I would be paid to write.

English Report
My Actual English Report

My personal blog is where I share technology tips and my personal interests like my family history or my reading challenges.  Most of work related stuff is on The Edublogger, the Teacher Challengethe Edublogs User Guide and CampusPress Support.

As a blogger I stands for — practical application of technologies in education, and most importantly HELPING OTHERS learn how to use these technologies.

You can read more about my blogging story here!

My Interests

While I spend lots of time helping and mentoring others — I do make time for my personal and family life. My favorite ways of relaxing are spent exploring my City with my family and friends.


Enjoy walk along ocean in rain
Enjoying walk along ocean in rain


I relax by reading for pleasure and have created my own ‘100+ Crime and Mystery Novels of all time’ which I’m working my way through – I’m also writing reviews of each author I’ve read when I have time  (work in progress).

Mystery Books
Mystery Books

I’ve also been busy documenting and digitizing 100’s of family photos and documents to share with future generations.  It’s a huge and ongoing task – but very rewarding learning about my ancestors.

You can check out my progress here!

Old photos
Family photos!


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