Free to good home!

Free to good home!

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I’ve had enough of the work involved with dealing with spammers on Ning sites.

So decided to reduce the workload by getting rid of eTools and Tips for Educators.

It’s a cool name and URL –

If Ning is like blog sites once a URL has been deleted no-one including the original user can create the site again with that URL.

Let me know if you would like to take it over (and use how you want) otherwise I’m deleting in 48 hours.

PSย  Unlike my husband who I’ve tried to give away (occasionally) it doesn’t come with an inbuilt snore ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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14 thoughts on “Free to good home!

  1. Sue, I agree with Leonard – it’s too good a resource to lose.

    Instead of deleting the site, or giving it away, or letting it become over-run by spammers, site members like us could become site admins and keep an eye on it for you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Have to agree with Leonard and Simon; too good to lose.
    Simon’s idea is a good one; happy to put my hand up to help out if you need.


  3. Hi Guys, thanks and sure happy for any or all of you to take it over.

    However, let me give you an example. Since I closed joining so it has to be approved I’ve had 24 request to join emails for Etools and 30 request to join emails for AquaEd in just over 12 hours.

    These are all from spammers. So effectively if it doesn’t slow down we’re looking at between 40-60 spam requests a day — which really is ridiculous.

    There is an alternative to Ning I’m thinking that would be a better solution but need to ponder it a bit more. We wouldn’t have to deal with this type of activity and would have more control.

  4. The picture of the puppy drew me in. You’re right about how a pet project can be so hard to let go. But it’s a good idea to refocus and refine occasionally. All the best with your endeavours.

  5. Hi Sue and other followers, I see that the etools ning site is still there. Would it help to remove the forum and blog tools from the layout. Change its name and make it completely private.
    I’m happy to help out but see I’m a bit late in replying.

  6. Thanks Carole and here’s where I’m at.

    Even with the site set to registration must be approved we are looking at about 20+ spam registrations per day on a week day. Which is totally ridiculous and time consuming to deal with even when restricted.

    The other aspect is the reality is no educators have been posting on it any way.

    So here is what I want to do. I’ve been working with BuddyPress which pretty much works the same as Ning but we won’t have the issues with spammers and it runs on WordPress so it’s blog capabilities are considerably better if people want to write posts.

    We are moving towards offering BuddyPress on Edublogs Campus because that is what people are starting to request. So James Farmer (CEO Edublogs) has agreed to give us a BuddyPress/Edublogs Campus site to use for Etools and tips community.

    My belief is that we should shutdown and move across to the new site. I don’t want to publically announce via a broadcast on that we are moving to a new site because we don’t want to encourage spammers to move across. They will eventually find it but we have anti-splog tools on the site to deal with them. However, I think if we know any one has written blogs posts on the site we should offer them the opportunity to move the content before we shutdown.

    BuddyPress is becoming very big news — although a lot of educators haven’t heard of it yet it is increasing in popularity because it transforms WordPress into a social network that works similar to Ning, Facebook etc.

    I’m currently in the process of building the site and when I’ve finished I will let people know it is available to join if they want.

    1. i would be happy to take this off your hands as an educator who thinks they may be able to spread the word. I already monitor a site (again issue with spammers) and am filtering fairly successfully.

  7. @R Radics, my gut instinct is still to shut it down and I know that when I finally get the new site set up everyone will be happy — because use tech ed people always love something new to learn.

  8. Hi Julie,

    We are currently aware of an issue where due to an update to our themes some blogs show a white page.
    To resolve this login into your blog dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes and it will reset to the default Edublogs theme.

    Once you have done that all you need to do now is reactivate the original theme.

    Your content has not been lost and there is nothing more you need to do to get your blog back. We apologize for this issue as a result of our theme updates but assure you this simple resolution will resolve the problem.

    For those that are used to logging in via the meta widget in your blog sidebar please follow these instructions for the other ways to log in –

    Thanks Sue

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