I’m Away But Haven’t Forgotten To Think Of You

I’m Away But Haven’t Forgotten To Think Of You

treasure.jpgNope sorry I’m still not back from holidays 🙁 . And I’m sure I’m having a great time — I will let you know about it next week.

One of the trouble with blogs is you often have good content, that’s worth a read, but it becomes hidden away and new readers miss out (image by Amanda Bel).

Having a “Most Valuable Posts” widget like Vicki Davis does on Cool Cat Teacher blog or link to a page on “My Favourite Posts!” as Larry Ferlazzo does on Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… are an excellent idea for bringing these posts to the attention of readers.

Unfortunately I’ve run out of room on my sidebar at the moment and may have to face choosing a new theme.

Meanwhile here are my most popular posts based on pageviews:

My Advice On Being A More Effective Blogger!
The title says it all. I really need to follow it up with a more detailed post on tips for better blog posts (similar to the information I’ve written in the section of this post on my personal pet hates but with examples of what I mean).

Why Didn’t I install Google Analytics Sooner?
Having statistics on how readers find your blog, what content they like and how they interact with your blog is really important.

Many bloggers use several different stats counters on their blog and with an overwhelming amount of information it’s hard to work out which one to use– Google analytics is definitely one that you should install.

Al Upton & The MiniLegend’s Blog Given Order for Closure
Parental Consent, Use of Student Images and The MiniLegends Closure
Conversation On Al Upton Situation With Alec Couros’s EC&I 831 Class

Al Upton has been blogging with his students for the past five years and this year Al Upton decided to take student blogging, with his new group of miniLegends, to the next level and invited the educational blogging community to mentor a mini. Unfortunately there was concerns relating to perceived risks of cyberstalking and online predators with the end result being that he was asked to close his Al Upton’s MiniLegend class blog while the concerns were investigated.

Situations like what happened to Al have happened, and will happen to other educators, which is why Adocates for Digital Citizenship, Safety and Success has been started — focus of this group will be to coordinate actions to educate the general public and education decision makers on the importance of educating students on digital citizenship.  You can join the group here! I will talk about this more next week when I get back 🙂

Why Does Technorati Mock Me?
If you’re a blogger than it’s really important to understand how blog search engines work to ensure your blog and posts are being found.  This post explains how Technorati and Google Search searches blog posts and why you need to claim your blog on Technorati.


Good luck.  I hope these posts help you; there are more I could have added but that will keep you going for now. I’m always looking for ideas for blog posts so please let me know

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5 thoughts on “I’m Away But Haven’t Forgotten To Think Of You

  1. Amil – can you tell me the approximate location where the picture is not loading so that I can check it out since it looks like it’s loading okay here.

  2. Sue, I tried to add the code for google analytics in a text box widget on my edublog and it has come up with the code and does not work. Have you told us how to get google analytics to work on an edublog in that popular post of yours?

  3. Anne – sorry I haven’t explained how to add Google Analytics and am worried to write a “how to” while Edublogs is in the process of updating WordPress versions.

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