I’m on Holidays! Real life? Or Second life?

I’m on Holidays! Real life? Or Second life?

rubyYeah I am on holidays!!!! And have been chuckling at comments by others whether this means I will do more tweets/podcasts/blog or less.Well maybe you will have to wait and see!

But in the meantime let me introduce you to Ruby Imako! After weeks of someone (Alex) offering (nagging) to show me around Second Life I finally agreed because I actually had time!

Let’s hope in the process I don’t upset our Minister of Second Life (Kathryn) as we agreed this is her area of responsibility and I am Minister of Podcasting. Point being is that I accept that I don’t have to know everything so we ease the load by all helping each other out!

Can I say NEVER, NEVER let a man take you into Second Life when you are a beginner.

Sure he was fantastic and choose my name — believe me if left to me it would have been crap! And did a good job showing me around. But did he teach me how to dress myself — NO! Did he teach me how to do my makeup—NO! OR where to find jewelery—NO! Instead he left me looking like a n00b and ugly! Sorry Sue run out of bandwidth and I am going to sleep. What would have happened if one of my friends had seen me like that! How embarrassmont!

Fortunately I am not TOTALLY CLUELESS and did manage how to make myself sort of presentable and now have all the attributes I wish I had in real life!

My thoughts — well now that Second life now includes audio it is more attractive to me.

So now I am all dressed up and nowhere to go! Oh well, at least I can join a Second Life meeting if I am ever invited.

17 thoughts on “I’m on Holidays! Real life? Or Second life?

  1. Wow! This makes me want to learn more about SL now if I can look like that!
    Hoping later in the year if not early next year (life is really that busy!) to have time to delve into SL! Well done Sue – you brave person!

  2. I’m going to share a tip on the whole hair deal. The flexi hair is a must. I can’t tell about your hair in the capture, but here’s the secret for checking it out in-world.

    In your gestures you have a mechanism to make your avatar do a flip. (DON’T DO THIS WITH PEOPLE AROUND WHILE WEARING A FLEXI DRESS.) Anyway, do the flip and watch your hair move from several different angles. This is a must. 🙂


  3. I have introduced my boys to second life in the hope that they can apply their gaming skills and make my learning curve a little less steep.
    I spent a couple of hours this evening wandering around orientation island. I chatted to some people and learnt a few things.
    it’s kind of spooky knowing that there are real people (from all over the world) behind those avatars.

  4. Hey Sue
    Eduisland II is a must for educators as is ISTE Island. If you search for them on your map you can teleport there. We have great conversations about education every time I hit these islands. You find more people on these islands if you turn up around lunch time as a lot of the people there are from the US. I’ll keep an eye out for you, I’m Jojash McMillan

  5. Fellow Mac Mate, you really are a brave girl, no fear, keep it up you never cease to amaze me and make me laugh. So keep me informed about your adventures and next time come to the experts about styling and basic fashion sense, please!

  6. I enjoy Second Life. Spinner Mills is my avatar. Took me a while to get the look right. I now have “several” looks. Some for work, some for play! Some for the spa!

    Come and find me!

  7. Thanks everyone for all your comments and thoughts.

    Laura – I am not sure if it is brave person or absolutely crazy. This is one Web 2.0 tools that I feel way out of my depth with — in a really uncomfortable way.

    Kevin – thanks for sending me the link to the site on fashion — I am now totally freaking out at the thought of going SL shopping (I can’t stand shopping in RL) and WTF the suggestions on her site about buying nice skin if you are planning on stripping in SL —boy I must have lead a sheltered life.

    Russel – thanks for joining me in SL hopefully when someone is free we will do a proper tour together.

    Christine – the bit I love the best is being skinner but really worried about the warning on the link Kevin gave me about SL relationships. I only went in there because I wanted to attend meetings with other educators.

    Sarah – what can I say…not quite sure what I have got myself into.

    Jane – thanks for the link to the Island –let me know when you go in and I will join you.

    Sonia – I think you need to work on my real life fashion sense — here am I working with you and you let me dress like crap.

    Alex M – look forward to catching up with you one day in SL when you have time for a tour.

    Alex H – hate to think which picture of us in SL you plan to use in the blog post — all were a bit of a worry!

  8. Kathryn tells me it is quite alright for you to play about in SL as a new you.

    I have dropped a “Murdoch University Library Starter Pack” into your inventory. To find it, open your inventory and do a search for Murdoch University. It contains a bundle of notecards with landmarks and objects embedded in them.

    Particulalry useful are the bunch of Australian places in SL and Jo Kay and Sean’s Educational sites. You will enjoy the “customizing your avatar” notecard, which has hints and tips about how to find cheap or free skins and hair for new avatars.

    While you are still a n00b, check out the GNUbie store in Indigo – the landmark is in the Starting Points from JJ Drinkwater. You can pick up very cheap gear there while you are still under 24 days old.

    Have fun….

  9. Second Life has a lot of potential for education. IM me “in world,” and I’ll show you some of the educational sites I know of. I’m also working with the Sloan Consortium to organize a group for college and university educators interested in using SL and other technology. We have a group in SL and a Ning site at http://sloancslnet.ning.com/.

  10. Emerald
    Thanks for passing on the Murdoch SL starter pack! Looks like I need to go to Gnu for some great gear!

    Thanks for the opportunity to catch up in SL. When I get myself more organised I will definitely join you at Ning.

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