Check out FORA.TV for enhanced online TV viewing!

Check out FORA.TV for enhanced online TV viewing!

Part of my daily routine is to quickly read posts from blogs that I subscribe using my Google Reader – this keeps me up-to-date with all things new and happening. One of the blogs I subscribe to is by written by a Gabriella Grosseck in Romania. While this may seem a bit crazy as Gabriella posts in Romanian (which I can’t read – and the online translators do not seem to translate the Romanian really well) I actually get a lot out of reading her posts.

Yesterday she posted an article on Jimmy Wales. Not quite sure what it says but it did link me to a great presentation by Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia. While I am always keen to listen to Jimmy Wales, that is not the most important aspect of this presentation, what did amaze me is the video format that FORA.TV uses which I thought is really important to tell others about.

FORA.TV is all about is presenting or producing content from the world’s leading public forums. Most importantly all programs are broken up into chapters which means that you quickly access the part of the program that interests you.

It also includes a transcript of the presentation. Which you can read. You can search for a word in the text and then jump to the point in the video.

The use of chapters and searchable transcript makes it much better to watch their videos than watching a normal video. I just can not believe it has taken me so long to realise FORA.TV exists; considering this great presentation by Jimmy has been on their site since the end of Nov, 2006.

Any way check out Jimmy Wales presentation on Vision: Wikipedia and the Future of Free Cultureby pressing Launch FORA player.


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