ToonDoo – Create your own Comics

ToonDoo – Create your own Comics

Yes, perhaps it may look like I have too much time on my hands but I am on holiday so decided to catch up on reading other people blogs. Over the last few weeks I have kept coming across people inserting cartoons in their blogs but had not paid it much attention until I went back and re-read What are holidays for anyway? (Obviously I am not the only who catches up on things during weeks off).

So I followed the link to ToonDoo – what a great site. Take a few seconds to sign up. And unlike some online applications – it is so easy to use. You can create one, two or three panel comics. There are lots of great characters to choose from, lots of great scenery and props you can add. Creating a comic is really easy with ToonDoo. In fact it is probably the easiest online application I have ever used. The hardest task was coming up with an idea to put into a comic. So please go to ToonDoo and give it a try – have some fun being creative!

Unfortunately the hardest thing was getting it to fit properly in this blog! Thankfully the nice guys at ToonDoo stepped in and gave me some great advice on how to make it work as a flash in my site.

So,take the time! Be creative by making your own comics at ToonDoo

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