SlideShare Needs Our Support — Lets Help Them Out

Do you use SlideShare? Please keep reading they need our HELP! And we do OWE them for the great service they provide!

If you don’t check out the embedded SlideShare presentation below as it will tell you why you should use it! Yes I know it is not Presentation 2.0.
[slideshare id=37167&doc=how-to-share-a-powerpoint-presentation-using-slideshare-27410&w=425]

Where is the Embedded SlideShare!

What – where is the Embedded SlideShare Sue! Have you lost your mind and forgot to embed it? No – if you are reading in your Feed Reader, like Google Reader andBloglines – our feed readers are stripping out the SlideShare and are not supporting SlideShare embeds! Hi Five to NetVibes – as SlideShares do display in NetVibes.


  • SlideShare and SlideCasts are not displaying in most Feed Readers.
  • If you are embedding them in your blog posts you need to let your subcribers know it is there because there is ABSOLUTELY no indication that it was every there in the first place!
  • Support the company that supports us, and let the major Feed Readers know that we want SlideShare embeds supported in their readers. The Feed Readers may not be aware there is a problem – SlideShare was not aware until I informed them yesterday in my post (which I learnt about as a result of the 31 Days Build a Better Blog)

Please support SlideShare and pass the message!


What your blog looks like in different Feed Readers

blogreaderYesterday I showed you how your post looks to your subscribers when it is viewed through Google Reader and explained why it is important to subscribe to your own feed so you know what your posts look like to your readers. Today I decided to do a road test of the main online feed readers to show you how different readers can impact of how your post looks!

I tested, what I believe, based on checking various sources, are the top online feed readers (the order below does not indicate their popularity): –

Strictly speaking Netvibes and MyYahoo are both personalised homepages, similar to a Google Personalized Homepage however I have tested them as they are included by many sources as top feed readers for 2007.

Here is what I learnt from my Road test:feedburner.jpg

1. Not all the feed readers were actually able to locate the blog feeds

Regardless of if I used the feed from the blog or used the “Add to” from their FeedBurner feed it was not always possible to subscribe to a blog with some feed readers (MyYahoo could not locate any blog feeds, and Newsgator was able to locate Michelle but no one else’s blog feed I tested).

2. Personalised homepages, like NetVibes and MyYahoo, are not for serious blog readers.netview.jpg

Each blog’s feed is added as separate feeds on your personalised page. This method is ok if you subscribe to only a few blogs, but if you are a serious blog reader – you would not use them. Image shows how posts look using NetVibes

3. Google Reader, Bloglines and Netvibes are all very easy to use.

No need for me to consult an instruction guide. These readers will also automatically locate the feed for your site using your URL i.e. no need to locate the feed for the site all you do is add the blog URL and the reader finds it.

4. SlideShare PowerPoints are not displaying in most of the top readers

The only reader that displayed the Slideshare was NetVibes when you click on the link to view the expanded post. For everyone, like myself, that loves Slideshare, this is a real issue. I have sent an email to Slideshare asking for assistance. But in the meantime I suggest you let people know that there is a slideshare in your post and insert the URL to your slideshare.

5. Adding a FeedBurner feed to your blog looks like a good idea

As readers are subscribing to blogs using different readers, it is a good idea to use FeedBurner. However I do need to do more research into why some readers are having trouble subscribing to blogs.

My favourite Feed Reader

Google Reader remains my favourite reader because I use a Google Reader gadget that brings all posts from every blog (in order of date) onto my personalised Google homepage. This makes it quick and easy to read the latest posts. It is also quickly becoming popular with other serious blog readers – who are changing from Bloglines to Google Reader for these same reasons.

31 Day Challenge Update

Readers and bloggers are now both able to win in our Chocolate Challenge – read how you could win chocolate! Welcome all new bloggers that have joined us – I will update my list of participants tonight!

What does your blog looks like to your subscribers?

Have you taken the time to check how your blog looks to your subscribers? No! Do it – you may have a rude shock!

This is how I read your blog – through my Google Reader Gadget on my Personalised Google page. Your post needs to look good here not on your blog!


When I see Read more! I normally do not read more – hence frequently don’t bother reading your post. With the number of blogs I read I just don’t have time!


If you are really unlucky – your formatting (e.g. paragraphs, bullet points) is lost – dramatically affecting the appeal of your post.


Look what happens to slides from Slideshare! This looks like a blank post when in reality there is a SlideShare here. Unless you let me know there is a great Slideshare here that I need to look at I will not realise that I need to go to your blog!


If you have a podcast site you should also do the same. It was not until I put the feed of my podcast site through iTunes that I realise several of my episodes would not download in iTunes. Why because the name of the episode must be less than 64 characters (with spaces) .


Thanks Gary for all your help and taking the time to give us assistance – and explain what is happening and why – when feeds go through feed aggregator – we do appreciate it. And thanks Tama it looks like I do need the Any key.

If you liked this post I suggest you check out my post on What Your Blog Looks like in Different Feed Readers!

31 Day Chocolate Challenge Update

My task for Day 7 is to Plan a Week’s Worth of Blogging Posts. Yes I am an impulsive blogger however take to time to read Darren’s post to see why it is worth planning your posts.

What would you like me to post on?

Do you have any suggestions on topics you would like to learn more about? Is there are series you are interested in me putting together? I am open to suggestions!

No Bullets allowed!

Ever since I went to Nancy White’s presentation last year I have not been able to use bullet points in PowerPoint presentations. Why? Because she told us bullets are out. It has become so bad that if I walk past someone at work using bullet points I will push them off their own machine, go into slide master and change the formatting to remove all traces of those nasty creatures. I get into some great discussions about why bullets are NOT allowed.

So bullets are now gone but I have not quite reached where people are going with the new look of PowerPoint Presentations (called Presentation 2.0). A very simplistic definition of presentation 2.0 is it involves changing the style so that images communicate most the message. Please read Vicki’s Tips and Insights into Presentation 2.0 for a much better understanding of what it is all about. Thanks Vicki for these great tips. BTW where is your Presentation 2.0 from NECC? 🙂

It was Gabriela who originally inspired me to want to do a Presentation 2.0 with her fantastic Web 2.0 in higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges presentation.

[slideshare id=50630&doc=gabriela-grosseck-cie-may-2007-bucharest-4221&w=425]

Since I am going to BarCamp this weekend I decided to give it a go. It has been really hard to decide what to do a presentation on and what level to pitch it at as participants will be both technical (programmers), educators and Web 2.0ers. So have chosen m-learning. Assumed basic knowledge only and kept the really short slides because only have 20 minutes (can always showcase resources on PDAs).

I plan to talk about the differences between how we use of e-learning/m-learning in VET compared to Universities to highlight why the various educational sectors will take different paths in m-learning. Based on the fact that BarCamp is an unconference, anything could happen and I may not even get an opportunity to present them – such is life. At least I practiced creating a Presentation 2.0.

The best aspect of Web 2.0 sites like Slideshare is that people are sharing their presentations and we are getting inspiration from each other. Check out my presentation is below (not in Gabriela’s league).

Selecting Images

Finding and choosing images that you are allowed to use is the hardest aspect. (Working out how to be creative is hard for me). My tip is to search flickr photos licensed by creative commons 2.0 using tags.

To Embed Slideshare in Edublogs

Change from Visual to Code then copy and paste the code for “Embed in”. Change back to Visual and save your post to see the presentation

Thanks to Philip for supplying the food platter to go with this presentation because every good presenter should bride the audience for a good response. 🙂

[slideshare id=70901&doc=mlearning-learning-on-the-go3689&w=425]