What THE — Pay? Internet? @SCHOOL?

Image of a money mouse trapPerhaps I’m incredibly naive or stupid? I’d never in a million years thought any school would charge their students for the privilege to access the school’s Internet! Yet apparently this is the case.

During a lovely chat with Sue Tapp she casually said her biggest barrier to using web technologies with her students is they have to pay for school Internet access at the start of each year. Their Internet quota is extremely limited; use it all means they’re charged for extra which often they can’t afford (read Sue’s post to understand the costs involved).

Sue honestly thought this was the case in most public schools

Leigh Newton tweet says it all:

Image of Leigh\'s tweet

Can’t believe this didn’t make my list of Elearning Challenges for 2008! WE need to continue these conversations to stop these types of challenges and barriers preventing the uptake of these technologies with our students.


We won’t know about issues each of us face if we don’t discuss them. We can make a difference if we all add our voices — please take this opportunity to write your own post tagged barriers08 (or leave a comment) to let us know:

What is the biggest barriers and challenges you’re facing?

Photo by cypherone @ Taiwan licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0.

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