Always Push Those Boundaries

It’s amazing how a blast from the past can be such a powerful reminder!

I created Animoto video below over 2 years ago!

It was unusual because as I said in the description:

Had to push the boundaries of using Animoto by adding words and voice. Not because it was a good idea, it probably wasn’t, but the challenge was there so had to try!

Today David N. left me the timely reminder in a comment:

Animoto comment

Happy to say I continue to push those boundaries and are learning new things every day.

My motto–

  • The only bad ideas are never trying or giving up too quickly

Since Animoto allows you to upload your own music I quickly recorded some audio (using Audacity) and uploaded it to put with my video.

And here’s the video for a chuckle

Oops and apologies in advance as I may have said bad words like ‘this might be crap’ when talking.

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Time For Bed? Or Create Quick Video?

Well all I can say is it is John Pearce’s fault!!!!

Was going to bed 1 hr ago as I have been really tired this week but made the mistake of stopping to read his post on Tipping And Other Significant Points. Next thing I was following the post to Chris’s Betchablog (had a little chuckle at Graham comment on his stats) and started reading Chris posts!

Bugger! AMINOTO! Had read a few posts on it but been ignoring! Now thanks to Chris I had to test it! I HAD WANTED TO GO TO BED!

In simple terms Aminoto is an online video creator which allows you to create videos quickly in 3 steps:

  1. Add photos (can upload photos or use online photos)
  2. Select music (can use their large selection of music or upload your own)
  3. Finalizes by combining video effects and transitions with your photos and musics completely online to create your movie

Simple, easy to use and you look like a genius. Chris does suggest that Aminoto probably doesn’t have a huge deal of educational merit — mmmm not sure watch my video and make up your own mind.

If you are interested in discussing online video in e-learning come and join us at etools and tips for educators community! Also if you have time to tell me about your use of Web 2.0 students please post a comment on this post!

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