My name is Sue Waters and you may also know me as the editor of The Edublogger. But before I tell you about my web sites let me first give you a glimpse of who I am.

Who Am I?

I’m Australian based in Perth and are married with two kids. While my work as an aquaculture lecturer, at Challenger TAFE, earned me the vote of the coolest job title my passion is the use of technology to enhance student learning.

My technology use has changed considerably since I was first introduced to it’s potential in 2000; fromImage of australia a LMS (WebCT) to Virtual Classrooms (Elluminate), mobile technologies (spyglasses, PDAs, iPods) and Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis etc).

My passion for technology has lead to my transition from aquaculture lecturer, to facilitating professional development workshops on elearning and web 2.0 technologies to my current role as editor of The Edublogger and working for Support Manager for Edublogs and CampusPress.

image of family

While I do spend considerable time helping and mentoring others — I do make time for for my personal and family life. My favorite ways of relaxing are reading a good book or going to a movie at the cinema.

As a blogger I stands for — practical application of technologies in education, and most importantly HELPING OTHERS learn how to use these technologies.

About My Web Sites


I have been sharing my experiences with Web 2.0, e-learning and m-learning (mobile learning) using a range of web sites since early 2006.  Many of my original web sites are called Mobile Technology in TAFE because my original focus was mlearning.

I now mostly post on The Edublogger, Edublogs Teacher Challenge as well as writing help documentation for Edublogs Help and WPMU DEV.


  1. hi sue
    i’m originally from freo – go dockers.
    why did you choose ‘podomatic’ to host your podcast? did you consider any others?
    brette lockyer

  2. Hi Brette
    As you can see I work in Freo and my College is big into the Freo Dockers. Went with Podomatic because I liked the way I could have all my episodes on the one page and also many other educators were also using it.


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    I appreciate your keen interest to add value to eLearning, combination of Technology + Learning process.

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  6. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the August notification of the ‘godaddy’ web hosting possibilities. In March of this year my school district no longer allowed me and other ‘edublog teachers’ access to our edublog sites! With godaddy I can now circumvent the firewall at school. Although the interface isn’t perfect, all the content is available.
    In response to the March firewall episode, my (3rd graders-8 year olds) students wrote impassioned letters to the board of education and the director of the tech. dept. inviting them to come our classroom for a panel discussion regarding the recent ‘firewalling’. Each student crafted questions they wanted answered. Our letters were ignored and all subsequent efforts to request lifting of the firewall, including the enumerating of approx. 23 California state standards for students being met through accessing the blogs, not to mention the tech. standards for the teaching profession that were being addressed was also ignored. As a follow-up, we (my students & I) had our meeting with parents (without any district representation) & I taught the everyone how to utilize the district provided web-based (fairly dry and unimaginative) message-board product. Well, I suspect you’ve heard similar stories! I wanted you & the edublog team to know how valuable your product is to the students of room 14.

    • @Christine Lunney Jaffe, yes Christine I have had similar type of stories and it is really hard to hear for everyone involved.

      Please let me know if there is any way I can help you. I do know of an educator that was able to change her school’s views by getting educators around the World to explain the importance of an open blogging approach.

      And off course please that the students from Room14 love their blogging.

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  16. Hi Ms. Sue,

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