Staying Sane: Letting Go To Learn More!

A common challenge with connected learning is you want to learn it all NOW!

But some times it is better to remember:


Adapted from Photo by pareeerica via Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0

I’m keen to see ETMOOC participants celebrating their learning and achievements in March like this:

Jumping Over The 3rd Largest Pyramid In The World

Adapted from photo by Anirudh Koul via Creative Commons ShareAlike

Rather give up feeling overwhelmed like this:

Remember you don’t need to follow every link, think about every conversation.

Thinks about what you want to learn and focus your time on this.  Sometimes quality is better than quantity.

Prioritizing your Learning

Below is a visualization of my work flow to show how I manage and prioritize my learning.

Hopefully it helps you?

Sketching my workflow helps me:

  1. Reflect on what I’m doing and areas I want to improve or make more time effective.
  2. Share with others so they can provide their input in other aspects I might consider.


  • I normally do this as a quick sketch, share it on Twitter and ask my followers for their input by asking them questions about it.
  • I’ve made it prettier using SnagIT so it is easier to see how I prioritize and manage my workload.

You’ll find my tips for working smarter in a learning community here.

My workflow

Thanks for Debs Seed and Sally Wilson for sharing their visualizations that reminded me that this is part of my practice; and Serge for spotlighting the benefits of creating a workflow.

And remember!

ETMOOC is all about your learning and what you want to learn!



  1. Really enjoyed this – and you’ve helped me once again. I really like how you added the colors for what matters most to you – and what you spend the most time on. That’s really important and I haven’t seen that mentioned in other workflow visualizations. I can see your logic though – first and most important is the comments and people you connect with and follow which will sometimes end up as blog posts, then your own blogging ideas, and lastly sharing through social book marking. Really makes sense – thanks.

  2. Sue Waters

    January 28, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Hi Serge

    Glad you picked up on the color coding. Hopefully it helps others.

    I’ve pretty much decided to leave social bookmarking and curation. There are lots of people doing this well, if I divert time to this I reduce time on other aspects, I’m also a connector, so I generally know where the resources are or who to ask to quickly find the resources — so I don’t need this for myself.

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